Celebrities Came out gay in 2020

These are 25 celebrities came out in 2020, such as gay, bisexual or queer men. Their stories are very engaging and moving for the LGBTQ community.

These celebrities have become a clear example of acceptance and support for diversity and love without distinction.

1. Justice Smith

The famous American actor, in 2020 decided to show his followers a little more about his personal life, and also made an important revelation about his sexual orientation.

Smith decided to share a video about a protest in New Orleans that she went to with her boyfriend “Nicholas Ashe.” The protest was in support of “Black Lives”, however the actor mentioned that as a queer man he was disappointed not to hear support for Black Trans or Queer, as well.

2. Spencer Brown

The prominent American dance music producer and DJ decided to come out of the closet this 2020. At 26, he tells “billboard” how his past years have been and his struggle to accept himself.

He confesses to being a gay man. He comments that more than 6 years ago he had discovered it, but that his process was very painful. Now Brown decided to love himself and his sexuality.

You want to live without fear and without feeling ashamed for what you are naturally.

3. Nicholas Petricca

This well-known singer of the famous rock band “Walk The Moon”, told through a post on Instagram, that he is a bisexual man.

This 2020, he has decided to be honest and tell his followers this secret. He admits that it has been very comfortable to appear to be a “normal heterosexual” man and that therefore he has never been criticized.

He comments that people in the LGTBQ + community have much more complicated experiences than his, but now Petricca decided to show his support for the community and join it as an openly bisexual man.

4. Phillip Schofield

Noted TV host, best known for his “ITV This Morning” show; He publicly told this 2020 during one of his programs, that he repressed his sexuality for many years.

He acknowledges that having been married for 27 years was a way of repressing his sexuality, since when he married a woman he knew immediately that he was a gay man.

It was not easy for him to accept his homosexuality, but he comments on the program that thanks to the support of his daughters and his family, he now feels prepared to tell it publicly.

5. J. August Richards

The famous actor Richards made a decision in 2020 that he had not planned. He decided to tell his work team that he is a gay man, and then he said it publicly.

The actor was motivated to tell this truth by landing a role that reflects the life of a gay man. It is about the story of a black man married to another black man, who has a daughter in common.

The actor comments that he could not play this role without telling its truth.

6. Chad Unger

This outstanding athlete in the sport of snowboarding, confessed this 2020 in an interview with “Torment”, that he is a gay man.

He is a very talented man, but he confesses that he always felt that if he told his fellow snowboarders that he is gay, he would be rejected, and this would affect him deeply.

Unger says that as a deaf man, he has dealt with great obstacles in his life and that he has barely been able to fit into this world of sport. However, he now feels the confidence to open up, as other men in the sport have come out as well.

7. DJ Qualls

The famous actor Qualls, widely known for his role in “The Man In The High Castle”, decided in 2020 to become one of the Hollywood actors to come out as a gay man.

At 41 years old, he decided to stop hiding and leave behind the thought of “what will they say about me”, he also questioned whether confessing it could affect his professional career.

He made the announcement on “The Jim Jeffries Show” and then tweeted on his account, to leave the message publicly about his sexuality.

8. Avery Wilson

This well-known former “The Voice” star decided to make a revelation on her 25th birthday.

This 2020 on his birthday and through his Instagram account, the singer wrote that he identifies himself as a “bisexual man.”

In his message, the singer spoke about his process to come out of the closet but clarifies that he has always loved what he is, and has not been ashamed to love openly. It was important for him to find his purposes and then make this announcement.

9. Darin

In 2020, this well-known Swedish singer and pop star decided to appear on his social networks to give an important message to all his followers.

His message was very clear when he said that he is proud to be a gay man. He made the publication through his Instagram and his Facebook.

In his short message, he says that it took him a while to be proud of being gay, but now he is and wishes that all people like him are too.

10. Maarten Hurkmans

The prominent Dutch picker, who has arrived at the Olympics, decided to make a publication this 2020 through his Instagram account.

After celebrating gay pride, the athlete decided to come out of the closet as “bisexual”, and in his emotional post, he refers to how difficult it is to come out of the closet in the world of sports.

He comments that he has the acceptance of his family and that this has prompted him to make his acceptance process much more friendly.

11. Witold Sadowy

This well-known Polish theater actor, at 100 years of age, declares himself a gay man. During an interview with “TVP Kultura” in 2020, the former actor spoke openly about his feelings and his sexuality.

The actor confesses that he always knew that he was born differently. He is happy, to be honest, and make this confession, although he regrets not having married or having lived as a family as he would have liked.

But he says that he lived in a different time.

12. Billy Lunn

This well-known singer of “The Subways Billy” and outstanding guitarist, this 2020 managed to reach an agreement on his sexuality both internally and publicly.

Through his Twitter account, the singer comments that this week he has been able to write the best music of his life. The singer admits that he accepts himself as a bisexual man and that this has helped him to clearly write what he feels.

13. Raymix

The famous singer Raymix, on June 5, 2020, decided to publish a 5-minute video with a revealing message on YouTube.

In the message, he revealed that he is a gay man. Later, in an interview with Billboard, he confesses that he felt very nervous about making this disclosure publicly when thinking about his career and the criticism, but that he does not regret it.

His video went viral very quickly and his fans gave him all the support they could. Raymix says the support is higher than expected and he is very happy that he did.

14. Denis Finnegan

The respected athlete and sportsman Finnegan, has stood out as an Irish national champion and is widely known.

In March of this year, he decided to declare at 33 that he is a gay man, in a podcast interview broadcast by “Outsports”.

Finnegan told Cyd Zeigler that he has wondered for several years whether coming out is really the right thing to do; but that she has come to the conclusion that she must be a support for the LGBTQ community and an inspiration to other people in sport.

15. Niki Albon

This popular YouTube personality and radio host came out of the closet in 2020 through an emotional video that she posted through her YouTube channel.

Nikki confessed to her 185,000 subscribers that she hadn’t been honest all this time about her sexuality and that it depressed her. He admits that he wasn’t even being honest with himself and that’s why it took him so long to come out of the closet.

The personality comments that he has known that he is gay since he was 12 years old, but that until now he really accepts it and wants to communicate it to everyone.

16. Daniel Arcos

This young Chilean and known for being a professional basketball player, admits that he is a gay man in June of this year.

He made this statement through his Instagram account and at 26 years old. He published a fairly long letter in which he delved into how difficult his acceptance process has been.

In his message, he clarified that he wants to be free and feel proud. Then he thanked the support he received from all his followers.

17. Tanner Pendleton

The well-known filmmaker and prominent snowboard photographer, Pendleton, recognized in an interview with “Torment” that he is a gay man.

He became the first man in the snowboarding world to come out of the closet and comments that one of his main purposes with his statement is to show that being a queer person is something that is completely okay.

He says that he lived repressed for many years, but that now his community must open up to diversity.

18. Witold Sadowy

This renowned Polish actor, former theater actor, and columnist arrived in 2020 at 100 years of age and was interviewed to make a biography about his life.

The former actor took the opportunity to make an important revelation about his sexuality. At his age, he confessed that he is a gay man and that he has always been.

He also comments that he tried to live under the truth, but that socially repressed truth left him without a family because he regrets not having children.

19. Ricky Dillon

The well-known Youtuber Dillon, four years ago had declared himself an “asexual” person, but this 2020 he decided to reveal the truth completely.

The young man admits that it caused him great anxiety to accept that he is a gay man and to comment on it publicly, But he feels it is time to start being honest with himself and with the people who follow him.

In a video he posted on his channel, he admits that he feels 100% gay and this is his only truth.

20. Brock Weston

Weston, a well-known professional hockey player. The player comments that his game team was constantly spreading rumors about his sexuality for a while.

He confesses that he felt very angry and mocked by his teammates until the situation collapsed and he decided to communicate to his team and publicly that he is a gay man.

To his surprise after giving a speech in which he discussed his sexuality, he had broad support from his team.

21. Matthew Paul Turner

This well-known photographer, speaker, and author of very popular books came out of the closet in 2020, announcing that he is a gay man and that he is in the process of divorcing his wife.

This Christian author used his Facebook account to make this announcement. He comments that his divorce from writer Jessica has been a very painful process, but that he is ready to embrace God as a gay man.

22. Zach Sullivan

The renowned professional hockey player comments that the pride games of this 2020 gave him enough inspiration and motivation to come out of the closet.

The player came out bisexual during pride weekend. He posted a message through his social networks and on Twitter commented that he was finally ready to say that he is a bisexual man who has faced many mental health problems in order to accept himself.

23. Luke Strong

The well-known trampoline champion and professional gymnast, decided to come out of the closet as bisexual, this 2020 during an interview with “BBC”.

The athlete clarifies that he has been open about his sexuality, but that he had never come out of the closet publicly.

He comments that from a young age he realized that stereotypes are something very marked in sports, but he remembers confessing his sexuality to one of his coaches when he started his career.

24. Jake Kuzyk

The well-known professional snowboard player confessed in July this year that he is homosexual.

He had an interview with “Torment” magazine, in which he clarified that he identifies himself as a gay man. After the interview, the 30-year-old athlete made a publication on his social networks.

To make it public to his followers, he uploaded a photo of himself with a rainbow and an emotional message.

25. Andrew Gillum

He is known for being the former candidate for governor of Florida, and this 2020 before returning to public-political life, he decided to reveal that he is a bisexual man.

He had his first interview in March and in it, he told the truth publicly. He confesses that coming out of the closet has been a very complicated issue for him because he is married, having children, and being in the world of politics.

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