Calling A 24/7 Electrician? Think About TheseThings Before Doing So!

Electrical appliances are bound to break sooner or later. No matter how good or cheap, the appliances that you have at home will eventually succumb to wear, dust, and rust. The same also goes for the sockets, switches, and wirings. Having trouble with electronics is inevitable. Nevertheless, the least that you want to happen is to have them malfunctioning at the most pressing need.

The problem is worse if malfunctions happen during nighttime. Luckily, Singapore has emergency electricians that can help you 24 hours a day. Though quite good, understand that emergency electricians are not goods and they’re sacrificing their precious rest just to help you out. That’s why you should think about these things before employing their help.

Try Basic Troubleshooting Before Calling

Basic troubleshooting pertains to a series of simple solutions that you should do before deciding that an object is indeed broken. For example, you should try replacing the light bulb with a new one before deciding that you need to call for socket repair. For appliances such as aircon and tv, it’s a good idea to see if they’re properly plugged in before calling.

Basic troubleshooting is important because most electrical problems are caused by simple things that homeowners often overlook. Though they’re always ready to attend to your needs, remember that emergency electricians appreciate working on problems that really require professional help.

Unplug All Appliances During Power Outage

Power outage happens sometimes. Lots of factors cause this such as faulty wiring, short circuit, etc. Never try to check things yourself during a power outage. Instead, call emergency electricians immediately and let them do the work.

Remember that working on a power outage might be dangerous and time consuming for emergency electricians. Thus, they need you to do your part as well. One thing that you can do to help them out is to unplug all the appliances. By unplugging, you’re lessening further problems while the emergency electricians are doing their work.

Don’t Panic and Get The Fire Extinguished

This is very important for appliances that easily go haywire such as electric stoves, rice cookers, AC, heater, etc. Never panic whenever they start to smoke. Also, don’t attempt to unplug them when they’re already on fire. During times like this, immediately get a fire extinguisher. Also, you can opt to switch the circuit breaker off then unplug the appliances afterward.

Check the sockets or switches after extinguishing. There’s no need to check the appliances because they’re already beyond repair. If they’re warm or gives a tiny jolt of electricity, call an emergency electrician right away. Chances are the switches and sockets need to be replaced.

Estimate How Long The Job Will Last Before Calling

This is very important if you’re calling during nighttime. Some problems in electronics are complicated that they take 2-3 hours to get serviced. Faulty electrical wiring takes at least half a day depending on its severity. The same also goes for fixing TV’s, AC’s, and other high-end appliances.

On the other hand, installation services are usually quick. That said, don’t hesitate to call if all that you need is to get a switch, socket, ceiling fan, or water heater installed. To summarize this section, don’t get the services of electric electricians at nighttime when the problem is complicated. It’s because they will resort to coming the next day.

Conclusion: What’s the Best 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Singapore?

I recommend DaylightElectrician. The services that they offer are very expansive. They do various emergency repair, troubleshooting, and installation services. That said, visit their website now and check what they have!

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