Calabash Restaurant

African Cuisine

At Calabash our restaurant type is firmly set as African cuisine, so get ready to meet our signature dishes and discover more of a cuisine you might not be aware of. Stews are a major component of African cuisine and the unique combination of sauces and spices in our meals make for unique preparations that will change your perspective of flavor. Khima Curry is a curry blend in the Tanzanian style which is used to simmer and cook lamb alongside African spices, all of which is served with rice to complement. Madodo is another iconic stew, made with african kidney beans, tomato, and mixed spices, it’s the core of African cuisine and despite the lack of meat you’ll come to see just how much taste a single stew can have. Katogo is such another stew, this time combining lamb with green bananas, an Ugandan treat that mixes both flavors to perfection. Of course, if you want something different we also recommend our Beyayenetu. This unique dish offers a selection of various vegetarian dishes in a single presentation and comes served with injera.

Find us in Glasgow

You can find our restaurant in the Glasgow area, on Union Street, Scotland; or to be more exact we are located in 57 Union Street Glasgow G1 3RB. What this means is that we are on the borders of Glasgow’s Central Station. So that’s a large point of reference if you ever come our way. That said we still are a takeaway, and as such you can use our official app, Planet Snax to get delivery or schedule a pick-up, just search for us on google play and the app store. So don’t think twice and get ready to try out a brand new world of flavor you haven’t experienced before.

About Calabash Restaurant

Here at Calabash Restaurant we understand that there’s a really high chance you haven’t tried African cuisine before. And that’s precisely why a restaurant like ours has a place to be. African might not be the first pick of restaurant that comes to your mind, but the traditions and culture of Africa as well as it’s varied regions have led to the development of an incredibly unique cooking style. African dishes are incredibly rich in flavor and make sure to bring forth the best side of every ingredient they use. It’s a new experience but it’s one we have no doubt you’ll come to love.

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