bluetooth headphones how do they work

Bluetooth Headphones How do they work?

Wireless or Bluetooth gear is the norm nowadays. No matter where you go you see tons of people use Bluetooth headphones. But few people really understand how these things work. Few curious ones might ask themselves Bluetooth headphones, how do they work?

In most cases throughout our history, we needed to use cables or wires to communicate with one another. But then came Marconi and discovered radio waves. That radiowaves are what became the foundation for Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth headphones, like the quality ones ReduxBuds creates, use radio waves to connect to your phone or PC.

In general, that means that the device that you are using, let’s say the ReduxBuds: AI Powered Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds, that come with 100 hour battery life, has a chip with a Bluetooth radio inside it. That Bluetooth radio, combined with a very specific software makes data transfer and connectivity possible.

In most cases, those radio waves can be transmitted over the length of 30 feet or 10 meters. That distance can vary depending on the number of obstacles between the device and the headphones used. For example, if there are two thick walls between the device and the headphones the distance will be shorter. Also, most modern Bluetooth headphones can be connected to multiple devices at the same time. This means if you want to listen to your favorite album, book, or podcast with somenoe you deeply care about, get a pair of ReduxBuds.

Unlike some other ways of connecting, Bluetooth is a lot safer. This is because it uses different kinds of frequencies. In most cases, a Bluetooth device will hop between 100 frequencies every single second. All this means that investing in a great, well-designed pair of Bluetooth headphones is a must. They can make every single commute or boring walk into an opportunity to better yourself.

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