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Kid’s watches need to be entertaining. Otherwise, kids will not use them. However, they need to be useful for kids as well. In a nutshell, you have to think about many things while buying a kid’s watch.

Today, we will solve that problem for you. We will share with you the best kid’s watches. The list consists of different watches like the best watch for a 5 year old, the best smartwatch for 10 year old, etc.

Before we share our list with you, let us look at the methodology we used to compile this list.

How we picked and tested?

While Compiling this list of best kids watches UK, we went through hundreds of options. After going through hundreds of options and comparing them on various parameters, we could compile this list. Only the best-curated options have made it to this list.

To compile this list, we have compared them on over 10 parameters. We have taken into account consumer feedback from numerous sources. It is one of the most accurate kids watches list, which you can find.

Why to Trust our Review?

We have taken over 30 hours to compile this list. A lot of data has been crunched to ensure that only the best kids watches UK make it to this list. In a nutshell, when you go through this list, you’re going through hours of research. That is the reason why it is one of the most trusted reviews online.

Let us now look at the best watches for kids UK to choose one for your kid.

1. Timex Kid’s Analog 28 mm Watch:

The easy to read dial is one of the best features of this watch. That is what makes it such a good choice.

You also get to choose between numerous color options. All the color options are quite vibrant, making it such a good choice for kids.

Not only that, the water resistance up to 30 m means that a brief splash isn’t an issue. Considering kids aren’t careful with their watch, this is a great feature.

The minute markings are such that it becomes easier for your kids to learn time reading.

The adjustable and washable strap is another reason why you should go for it. The acrylic safety cover makes it perfect for kids.

The heavy-duty construction and the learning mechanism on offer makes it one of the best watch for 5 year old.

2. KIDDUS Digital LED Watch:

Do you prefer a LED watch for your kids?

If so, you should consider this option. Also, you get numerous colors in design options. All the color options are aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, the Japanese battery means that maintenance is not going to be a problem. It is suitable for wrist sizes between 15 cm to 22 cm.

The digital hour markers make it easy for your kids to read the time.

Moreover, the excellent construction quality means that even if your kids are not careful with the watch, you will need a replacement anytime soon. The LED nature of this watch is what makes it a good choice.

3. Digital Watches for Kids:

Do you need a watch for your kids with more features?

If so, you should consider this option. It offers dual time zone. You get an analog and digital display, which is another reason to buy it.

Wondering about its other features?

You can use it for its alarm and stopwatch feature. The accurate timekeeping makes it perfect for your kids.

There is a calendar and date window. Moreover, it offers a 12/24 hour format.

It is water resistant up to 50 meters.

The best feature is that it has a backlight display. It has a stopwatch.

The shock-resistant construction means that durability isn’t a problem.

The PU resin strap makes it comfortable and durable.

The design is such that your kids can operate it single-handedly. It is suitable for boys and girls over the age of 5 years.

The numerous features on offer make it the best watch for 5 year old.

4. Ravel Children’s 3D Pink Unicorn Watch:

The unique design of this kid’s watch is what makes it such a good choice. Moreover, the design is such that your kids will certainly learn how to read the time. The quartz movement makes it quite precise, as well. There is no need to set up time again and again.

The plastic band material makes it relatively lightweight. The band is also 3-D in design, which is another reason to go for this watch.

Thus, the kid’s watch can teach your kid a lot of things as well. That is what makes it a good choice.

5. Timex Kid’s T79081 Quartz Watch:

The highlight of this watch is the durable metal case. Due to the same, it is suitable for rough and tough use.

The easy to read dial makes it perfect for kids. Not only that, it has 31 m water resistance, which is another advantage.

The synthetic leather belt has a long lifespan.

The quartz movement makes it precise. The pink leather belt certainly works well for kids.

Thus, when you’re looking for tween watches, this one should be on top of your list.

6. Digital Teen Boy Watches:

Do you prefer a digital watch for your kids?

If so, you should consider this option. The watch that we are speaking about now is suitable for children between 6 years of age and 15. Moreover, you get to choose between different color choices as well.

The water resistance is 50 m. Due to the same, your kids can use it during swimming as well as the shower.

With the help of 4 button design, operating it is easy. The LED nightlight certainly comes to the rescue when reading the dial.

The large dial is another reason why it is perfect for kids. The length of the strap is 9.13 inches, which once again suits kids.

The softer PU material is another advantage.

Additionally, it has various features like date, stopwatch, calendar, alarm clock, etc.

Thus, if you’re looking for a feature-rich watch for your kids, you should consider this option.

7. KIDDUS Educational Kids Watch:

How about an educational watch for kids?

The option below can teach your kids as well. It is available in different color choices as well.

The dial is labeled by minutes as well as hours. This feature aids children in learning how to read the time.

The high-quality Japanese mechanism means that it is always precise. Also, the adjustable belt is another reason why you should go for it.

The aesthetically pleasing dial can attract the attention of your kids quite easily.

In terms of the learning experience, it is better than even some of the Tencent kids smartwatches.

8. VTech 193853 Kidizoom Smart Watch:

Many parents these days are looking for the best kids smartwatch with gps. If you too are one of them, the option we will highlight is perfect for you.

The sylish and slpashproof construction of this watch makes it a good choice. It can spark creativity and thinking among your kids.

It consists of cameras that allow your kids to take pictures. Additionally, with 55 different watch faces, customizing its appearance is easy for your kids.

It is suitable for kids over the age of 4. The time master app helps the kids learn timekeeping.

Additionally, it has a motion sensor, timer, stopwatch, voice recorder, pedometer, etc.

Thus, it is one of the best kids smart watch uk.

9. Ravel Glow in The Dark Watch:

If your younger one is over 7 years, this watch is perfect for them. The metal case means the durability is not a problem. The black straps make it aesthetically pleasing.

The glow-in-the-dark design means that it is attractive for kids. The quartz movement ensures that it is highly precise.

Moreover, the strap is comfortable to wear for your kids. The crown stopper helps you in conserving the battery life.

Not only that, the weight is just 50 g, which is another reason to buy. The bezel adds to the look.

Thus, if you’re looking for minimalistic kids watch UK, you can consider this one.

10. Kids Watch, Boys Watch for 6-15-Year-Old Boys:

You have plenty of choices with 13 different color options when you’re going with this kids watch. Time reading is easy because of the digital dial. It has a 12/24 hour display.

The water resistance is 50 m.

The high-quality PU strap ensures that it is soft and comfortable for your kids.

Similarly, it is shockproof.

The adjustable size makes it comfortable for your kids. The durable glass material ensures that wear and tear doesn’t occur.

The splash-resistant construction is another reason to go for it.

The easy to use design certainly works in its favor. With so many different features, you certainly cannot go wrong with this kids watch.

Thus, when you’re looking for best kids watches UK, instead of going through hundreds of options, consider these 10 options. Once you do so, it will become relatively easy to buy the best kids watches UK. Additionally, the features of these watches are such that they will fulfill all your requirements.

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