Best Gaming Desktop Deals 2020: SkyTech Gaming

Best Gaming Desktop Deals 2020: SkyTech Gaming

You need gaming desktop deals to enjoy the benefits of desktop gaming minus the high cost of desktop gaming PCs. Since the pros of desktop PCs over consoles are clear (i.e., more performance, custom benefits, future-proof, more games, and upgrade options), it’s time to find the ultimate desktop gaming PC for you.

There are many gaming desktop sellers out there today offering everything from prebuilt gaming PC to custom-built options allowing you to select parts and get the rest done for you. However, like everything else, there are better manufacturers and sellers than others. We’ve compiled the best gaming desktop deals 2020 from SkyTech Gaming below. SkyTech is among the leading custom gaming computers in the U.S.

Blaze – Entry-level gaming PC deals!

Currently, SkyTech is offering a $100 discount on three Blaze prebuilt gaming PCs, namely, the ST-Blaze – 0082, 0083, and 9400F-1660-500 units.

The cheapest – (ST-Blaze-0082) is a great entry-level prebuilt gaming PC for gamers looking for a PC that is functional and affordable at the same time. The ST-BLAZE-0082 costs slightly more than the latest consoles (which is considerably cheap in the PC gaming world). For $599, you get an AMD Ryzen-5 2600 processor, NVidia GeForce GTX-1640 graphics card, A320 motherboard, wraith stealth cooler, 8gb DDR4 memory – 3000MHz, 500-Watt 80+ power supply, and 500GB SSD, just to mention a few features.

The ST-Blaze-0083 and ST Blaze 9400F-1660-500 that cost $699 and $749, respectively, are for gamers looking for slightly better entry-level prebuilt PCs given the slight specification differences when compared to the 0082. For instance, the 0083 has a different processor – Intel Corei5-9400F. It also has a different motherboard – B365, different cooler (stock air cooler). The 9400F-1660-500 is the best Blaze entry-level prebuilt with the only notable difference from the 0083 being better graphics – GTX-1650 Super 4GB.

Archangel 3.0

You can also get a $100 discount on the Archangel 3.0 and pay $799 instead of $899. This prebuilt PC by SkyTech Gaming is a step higher from the ST Blaze 9400F-1660-500 with notable improvements like a better processor – AMD Ryzen5 2600x 6-core, 3.6GHz capable of a 4.2GHz Max Boost. This prebuilt PC also had improved aesthetics thanks to its Thermaltake H200-TG RGB Snow casing. The cooling is also superior (inbuilt fans form maximizing airflow). Other notable differences from the ST Blaze 9400F-1660-500 include a B450 motherboard and more RAM – 16GB DDR4.

Blaze II – Four-figure PC gaming deal

If you have anything from four figures ($1000 or more) to spend on a prebuilt gaming PC, the Blaze II is recommendable. Enjoy a $200 saving with the Blaze II currently (costs 1,299 normally).

When compared to the Archangel 3.0, the Blaze II comes with a better processor – AMD Ryzen7 2700 8 core, 3.7GHz (4.3GHz maximum boost). The graphics are also better (RTX 2060 6GB). The Blaze II also has a superior cooling system – 3 ARGB dual ring fans, and a better casing if you prefer tempered glass. Other notable differences from the Archangel 3.0 include more wattage thanks to the 550-watt 80-plus bronze certified power supply.

Chronos – Pro gamer PC deals

If you want more of everything (power, graphics, space, etc.), SkyTech Gaming has two Chronos prebuilt deals currently. You can buy the Chronos W-0085. When compared to the Blaze II, this prebuilt PC has a better processor– AMD Ryzen5 3600-XT, 6-core-3.8GHz (4.5GHz Maximum boost), more fans ( 4-ARGB dual ring fans), B550 motherboard, better graphics – RTX-2060 Super 8GB, more primary hard disk space (1TB SSD instead of 500GB) and more power supply wattage 650 watts, 80 Plus to supply more power for future upgrade components. The Chronos W-0085 also has a superior case – front mesh, white edition.

For slightly more, you can buy an upgraded Chronos prebuilt for $1,999 instead of $2,499 and get a better cooler – 120mm AIO cooler, Z390 motherboard, RTX 2080-Ti 11GB graphics card, and 700-watt power supply. If you prefer the front mesh in black, this prebuilt will work for you as well.

Legacy 3.0

SkyTech has a mid-range pro prebuilt that falls between the Chronos deals available currently. For $1,699 only (instead of $1,899), the Legacy 3.0 is a perfect option for aluminum casing lovers. The PC also offers more power supply wattage (750 watts). The AMD Ryzen7 3800XT processor and RTX 2070 8GB graphic card are superior enough for a pro gaming experience with buttery-smooth frame rates when streaming. The Legacy 3.0 is definitely a bargain when compared to competing gaming rigs from other manufacturers.


If you are interested in grabbing the best prebuilt gaming PC by SkyTech Gaming, look no further. This gaming PC is currently being offered at $2,499 (a 16% discount). The PC offers everything a pro gamer would want in a prebuilt PC today, from aesthetics to high-tech specs capable of handling the most demanding games today and other high-level processing tasks.

The Siege has an AMD Ryzen9 3900x, 12-core 3.8GHz processor with a 4.6GHz maximum boost, and an RTX 2080 Ti 11GB graphics card. This is more processing power and graphics than you would need playing the latest and most demanding VR games. The casing is equally great -Thermaltake S300 black tempered glass casing that offers superior aesthetics and functionality.

The Siege has other superior features like a 360mm AIO cooling system and 7X RGB fans capable of getting rid of excess heat during the most demanding gameplay. The RAM is also more than any pro gamer would need (32GB Trident Z DDR4, RGB -4X8GB), 3200 MHz. The Siege also has a primary and secondary hard drive (1TB NVMe SSD & 2TB-7200 RPM HHD respectively), offering ample storage for game downloads and more. Advanced PC gaming experiences don’t get better than this for everything, including competitive gaming, live streaming, and AAA titles.

There you go! Take advantage of these SkyTech gaming PC deals today and enjoy incredible discounts regardless of your budget or gaming experience. SkyTech also offers free shipping and easy monthly installments of up to 24 months for gamers interested in payment plans. You can also

custom-make your own gaming PC if you don’t fancy the above prebuilt PCs.

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