Best car alternatives.

The problems of urban mobility are increasing remarkably. The roads in large cities no longer support the volume of vehicles, especially at peak times, generating disorders and stress. The best way to minimize this situation may be to avoid the use of cars.

For some people, this idea seems difficult or even unfeasible. Other means of transport can even be faster and more efficient to get around the city. In addition, through the reduction of car usage, there are less polluting gases being thrown into the atmosphere.

This contributes to improving air quality, among other benefits to the environment. Below are some of the best alternatives to the use of cars as a means of transport.

1. Walking on foot.

Sedentary lifestyle is a common trend in the current generation. Technology ended up making people lazy. Some distances that were once easily covered on foot, today are done by car.

Encouraging walking not only reduces mobility costs but also contributes to improvement in people’s health. Health professionals recommend being active at any age. For the adult population, walking for at least 30 minutes a day is essential to enjoy optimal health and good quality of life.

Walking also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Although most people are aware of this, it is not always easy for us to find time to dedicate to such beneficial physical activity.

It is a simple initiative, which does not require much more than a good pair of sneakers and a place to change when you arrive at your destination, if necessary.

2. Scooter.

One of the fastest-growing means of urban travel is the scooter. For a long time, it was relegated to the sphere of games for children. In recent years it has become one of the favorite means of transport for those who have to move around the city in an agile and fast way, perhaps even combining the journey with public transport such as train or subway.

It is also light and practical. The scooter can be easily folded and transported. Like bicycles, scooters also have an assisted version with an electric motor and can adapt to different people and needs.

This solution is mainly preferred by young people and who do not want to waste time in traffic or looking for parking space.

After an initial period of adjustment, in which many cities have struggled to find the best way to manage scooters, especially in terms of road safety, today the scooters have definitely won a place among the best alternatives to the car usage.

3. Bicycle.

The use of bicycles as a means of transport provides similar benefits to walking, with the advantage of allowing a longer reach and a little more intense physical activity.

Cycling helps an individual work on several muscles, leaving them more toned and stronger. It is a more economical and ecologically sustainable way to move around in most cities.

4. Skates.

Lovers of extreme sports can enjoy skating by sustainably getting around the city. The small wheels can travel long distances, but it is essential to pay attention to safety. The choice of alternative routes and the use of security equipment are also very important while skating.

5. Bus.

The bus is the most used form of public transport in many countries. Several buses are circulating every day through the cities, taking people to different points.

They are more accessible than the subway, as they can circulate through several streets in neighborhood’s and large centers. The creation of BRT’s, which are lines that have exclusive corridors and boarding systems integrated with platforms, made the use of buses even more advantageous.

The main advantage of the use of buses is the cost of tickets. The tickets are sold at a much lower price when compared to spending on a car, for example.

In conclusion,

The problems resulting from the large volume of cars on the streets are impacting in different aspects, starting with urban mobility, which has become more difficult, slow and stressful.

The roads no longer support the flow of traffic, which contributes to the occurrence of accidents and the waste of time. The use of an alternative mode of transport is much cheaper efficient and environmental friendly because of the reduction of air pollution.

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