Beginner’s guide to hookah smoking

Hookas have been used for years in Middle Eastern countries. It is used to smoke different tobacco options; there is a wide variety of flavours and types. The ignorance about this entertaining activity was rejected for a time since many associates it that this instrument is used to consume prohibited substances. But initially, it was created with the aim of smoking tobacco in a different way, which is mixed with glycerin or honey to give it a honeyed consistency which is placed in the Hookah.

But also, as time passed, the demand demanded trying new things to experience different things, which is why the market was forced to create new options with other formats and flavours that could be used and enjoyed, giving this instrument more fame and helping him to be accepted.

Currently, in the Hookah you can use traditional tobacco, which is composed of nicotine and some with tar; different options that are smokable that do not contain nicotine, stones, gelatins, herbs specially created for this type of instrument. Lately, you can buy them on the web, but the trend has been so revolutionary that you can get them in public places such as cafes and pubs.

But how do you prepare Hookah to smoke? To get into the subject, we must explain how it is ready for a perfect smoke. You must document and prepare yourself before deciding to buy one and adequately know how it works for reasonable enjoyment.

First, the base of the Hookah must be filled with a solvent. We recommend that you use water, although several people use juices or some liquor so that the smoke has a different touch.

You must understand that the amount to fill will always depend on the size of the neck, which when you insert it into the base of the Hookah has to sink about two inches of the liquid we have used. These poles are usually accompanied by a thread to secure them.

Then fill the bowl with the product of your choice.

Next, place the aluminium foil in the bowl.

Place it on the mast of the Hookah.

Insert previously lit coals. If you’ve already put the aluminium foil on it, place yourself over it.

As you can see, the preparation is nothing to write home about. It is not something that cannot be done if a proper guide is followed; the idea is that the smoke to be inhaled has a good flavour and freshness.

Now how do you smoke it?

As for how to smoke, it is not so mysterious. You just have to breathe in through the mouthpiece and let the smoke enter and fill your lungs. When it is time to expel the smoke, we recommend not doing it immediately, since this will not let you feel the flavours that the product you are using brings you, it is not the idea that this happens because you will not feel the essence of a good smoke.

Smoking Hookah is easier than it seems, but in reality, you have to take into account those tricks that will come out if you practice them.

If you are a newbie to these practices but have used vaper, we can tell you that the tricks are similar. What is sought is to make figures with the help of smoke, but for this, there are also levels of difficulty.

Rings: It is one of the first and most common; it is about creating rings, whether they are small or large, they are put in the shape of “o”, while you do this, it is time to carefully expel the smoke, thus creating a circle in the air.

When you have more experience, you can add some more tricks, such as pushing them with our hands, making double rings, or making a line of smoke rings.

Cascade of smoke: I know it sounds complicated, but it is simple, it just basically consists of that, creating an inverted cascade from the mouth to the nose with the smoke.

Dense smoke: One of the things that draw the attention of this activity is how thick the smoke is, the denser it is, the more mysterious and tends to captivate more.

Heavy smoke is produced in two ways: Add glycerin, insert ice to cool the liquid, as much as possible.

Jellyfish: This tends to be more complicated than any other trick, it seeks to create a sea jellyfish through a ring and with more smoke that will pass through the previously made ring.

Dragon: Catching the technique is complicated, but after it is mastered, it is a good experience. It is about creating a dragon while exhaling smoke through the nose and the mouth at the same time. This trick is famous among the hookah smoking community.

Ghost: this trick is fun, and you will impress several. What you want is to disappear the smoke from the smoke you just gave. You have to release the smoke little by little, but do not go so far, when you go halfway, inhale it again, which will disappear, giving it the recoil effect.

Bubbles: We will not explain this much, as the name implies, the idea is to make a bubble, just like you did when you were a child, only now as an adult you will create them with smoke.

Here are some other tips that you should keep in mind when smoking Hookah:

If you are smoking tobacco, store it in a place where it does not have such high temperatures, this allows you to stay calm.

If you use aluminium foil, get used to placing the coals that you are going to use on the edge of the bowl to start smoking, and little by little you should move them as your smoke progresses, this will help the tobacco to heat up evenly.

If you fill the bowl a lot with tobacco, it will burn. And if you apply too much pressure, there is a risk that the molasses will clog the holes.

If you use stones, at the end of your smoke, clean them with plenty of water and keep them in their container. This allows the molasses to coat the rocks so you can use them again for another smoke.

On the other hand, if you use gelatin, these are only used once. This is because they tend to evaporate while smoking.

Remember not to fill the bowl to the top. It should not reach the aluminium foil.

When using aluminium foil, try to open a good number of holes for the charcoal and the product that you are using to smoke to ventilate.

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