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Now, more than ever, we should ensure that we are fit and healthy in order to get the full on immunity to keep up with our times. The daily stress that we’re facing can be overwhelming that we may begin to forget about the most important necessity in life which is Self-Care and Wellness. As we neglect this necessity to care for ourselves, our troubles will just keep on accumulating. Now is the time to make that change! Choose a Total Life Change today and begin the beautiful journey to a healthier and better life! Total Life Change or TLC formerly known as Independent Business Owner or IBO was founded by its CEO, Jack Fallon. We are the proud maker of Laso® Detox Tea which is an all natural cleansing tea that was voted No.1 in Global Direct Selling Product. Here in TLC, we offer a wide range of products that promotes healthy lifestyle. Our members will have access to TLC’s best selling products from Nutritional Supplements to Skin Care to Weight Loss, just to name a few. What more is that, choosing a Total Life Change now is not only a decision to change your life for the better, it is also an amazing opportunity to earn in the comfort of your own home as we provide our members a personal retail site for their customers. So, while you are enjoying that journey to a healthier and better life, you can inspire others to take that journey as well and earn from it. As a retailer, you can earn 50% retail bonus from each TLC’s premium products that you sold. Also, you will have an opportunity to earn additional commissions and residual income for every member that you can sponsor or enroll to join your business. In addition, you will be given access to the Life Changer Portal to view your business and team statistics as well as access to the exciting and powerful Total Life Changes 5 in 5 app. Here in TLC, you are your own boss! You will have the ability to earn part time, full time or extra income by helping and inspiring others to live a better life. An opportunity to be a part of the Top 100 Global Direct Selling Company that offers revolutionary products while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that you should not pass up. The best time to become a member is NOW for we are offering a mobile application that will help you manage your business and share your samples around the globe.

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