Bathrooms Hazards That Harm Your Home and Health

Your bathroom is one of those rooms where you spent the most time. It is a crucial part of the beginning and end of your day and a place where you want to relax but you’d be surprised to know that it can also be one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. Most homeowners aren’t aware of those hazards that can harm the health of your loved ones or you. The following list will help you to know them and increase the safety of the space.

Slippery Floor

Having shiny floors in your bathroom will make it look neat and improve its appearance but beware of the flooring material they are made of. When you have a bathroom with a slipping-flooring material the risk of suffering a slip and falls is high and it could be a serious hazard especially for seniors and toddlers. You can prevent that risk by installing non-slip flooring material, especially in areas such as the front of the shower bathtub. However, if your bathroom’s floor is made of a slipping material and you don’t want to renovate it yet place rubber-backed bathroom mats in the slippery places.

Another thing that can make your bathroom floor slippery is soap scum, that buildup can lead to slips and fall so make sure to keep the shower or bathtub clean.

The number of bathtub related injuries is quite high compare to other injures so change your bathroom accordingly to protect your safety.


Bathrooms are places with a lot of humidity and this can make mold and mildew a common problem. Mold can grow in any surface with organic matter, this includes broken grout or tiles, caulk lines, underfloor, inside ductwork, and behind walls or ceilings. Mold can create health problems especially if you have respiratory conditions, it can cause an allergic reaction, headache, nausea, or asthma symptoms.

To prevent the appearance of mold keep the damp areas clean, ensure there is proper ventilation in the place, and repair all the broken grout or tiles.

Toilet Germs When Flushing

Toilets have germs in ways you couldn’t imagine. Every time you flush the toilet it sprays out bacteria and although it is unclear how far it goes and where it stays it is best to flush the toilet with the lid down.

Bathroom Cleaners

Using the strongest cleansers for your bathroom is not a good idea because they usually contain chemicals that can irritate your skin, eyes, and even cause respiratory issues. Go for cleansers that are certified as safe by EPA and always use a face mask and gloves to manipulate them.


Make sure that liquid from the bathroom doesn’t get under the floor or other wood structures of the house because it can create an ideal environment for termites and lead to an infestation. Perform regular inspections and seal all the cracks in the flooring to prevent it from happening.

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