Avoid these cheap plumber scams in Singapore

Since most people do not have much experience or knowledge of plumbing, when faced with a plumbing problem they will prefer to hire a competent plumber to fix it. The cost of plumbing repair depends on the type of plumbing problem and the plumber chosen. Like most repairs, the cost of repairs is the cost of the repair materials used and service fees of the plumber. Many people are cost conscious are would like to pay the least amount possible for the plumbing repairs. However, there are many risks involved in hiring a Cheap plumber which most home owners are not aware of, until they lose money

Many plumbers are aware that a majority of home owners will only look at the cost quoted while they finalize a plumber for the plumbing services which they require. Hence they offer Cheap plumbing services, hoping to get more orders. While in some cases, the plumber may be willing to accept less money for the work he is doing, in other cases, the quality of the plumbing work is affected when the price is very low. Some of the common problems and scams faced by home owners who hire the services of cheap plumbers are described below

Materials used

Often the plumbing materials used like the pipes, pipe fittings, faucets, valves form a major part of the cost of repairs. The plumbing supplies vary in the quality and pricing. In some cases, the cheap plumber may promise to use high quality material, so that the plumbing does not require repairs for a long time. However, since plumbing is concealed, he may actually use low cost material which is not of good quality. So though initially, it appears that the plumbing problem is fixed, it may recur after some time, forcing the home owner to waste more time and money in repairs.

Finalizing prices

Many of the plumbers are advertising that their prices are very low to attract more enquiries and orders. In some cases, they may also initially verbally mention a very low amount. Yet later the property owner finds that the plumber is demanding a higher amount for the work done, especially if there is no written agreement. The plumber is taking advantage of the fact that after the plumbing system has been opened, it is very inconvenient and has to be fixed at the earliest, so they can extort a larger amount. In other cases, the plumber may offer free inspection, and use it to tamper with the plumbing system so that he can charge more.

Monitoring the plumber

Like any repair person, there is always some risk in allowing a plumber entry inside a house, since in a few cases, they can misuse the opportunity to commit a crime. So though most property owners have a busy schedule, it is advisable to take a break from the daily schedule and monitor the plumber doing the repairs. This will ensure that the plumber is only doing the work assigned and does not roam around in the house. The home owner who has chosen the plumber can also question the activities of the plumber while monitoring, especially if he finds something suspicious

Checking licenses/ documentation

While hiring a plumber it is advisable to hire the services of a licensed plumber, who has undergone the necessary training. This ensures that the plumber can be easily traced, if there is any problem at a later date. It is also recommended that the plumber should provide a quotation/estimate in writing for any major plumbing repairs. The estimate should separately specify the different materials used, quantity, cost of materials, and cost of services. The plumber should also give a receipt for the money which is paid to them. Many cheaper plumbers do not provide documentation, and later increase prices, cannot be traced.


So while hiring a plumber it is advisable to check online reviews, ask friends and associates for recommendations. Instead of hiring the cheapest plumber available, it is better to hire an Affordable plumber who has a reputation for doing quality work. Mr Plumber is the preferred choice for property owners who require a Cheap affordable plumber in Singapore, since they are licensed and have more than ten years experience in plumbing repairs and installation for commercial and residential properties.

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