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Top 5 Reasons How AI is Controlling Daily Life Of a Student in 2020

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, influential, and evolutionary parts of the modern world. It has taken over several different aspects of everyone’s life, whether you are a businessman, housewife, or even a toddler! But most importantly, its presence plays a vital role in the life of a student in 2020.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, let’s discuss five of the most popular ways artificial intelligence controls an everyday student’s life today.

Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Controls The Life Of A Student In 2020

The best thing about artificial intelligence is that most students don’t even realize that they are using it. Sitting in their car, using their smartphones, booking tickets, watching tutorials, they’re fully consumed and surrounded by this type of technology and, yet, some of them are entirely unaware.

In order to bring this topic to their notice and make them more aware of their environment, here are the top 5 ways students today are unknowingly using and depending on artificial intelligence every day.

  • Commuting As A Student

A hostel student, or even a day scholar, can understand the importance of commuting. We’ve all been in there when you’re late to class, and you need a cheap but quick and comfortable ride to college. Driving yourself isn’t exactly the best option just yet since you’re still practicing, especially if you’re not sober (come on, we all know about those late-night Saturday parties!)

In such scenarios, commute services like Uber come in handy. You can book rides, share them, and track them through your smartphones. These services are probably the most modern and useful ways students use artificial intelligence without even realizing it.

  • Instant Dictionaries

Remember the time when we had to refer to a dictionary every time you came across a new word, look for it in the entire book, and completely ruin the tempo of your reading? Those days are long gone for students who use updated modern artificial intelligence. Today, specific software and apps allow you to click or highlight a word and find its meaning in real-time, displayed on the same screen, or a smaller window so that your flow of reading doesn’t break. If that isn’t convenient, what is?

  • E-commerce and Online Shopping

While it is true that online stores and shopping are the newer, modern way of life, have you ever noticed the way you can always conveniently find interesting things lying on your amazon feed and recommendations? It is an intelligent way to gain more audience and get more sales, especially from college students.

How? I’ll explain:

Let’s say you’re looking up filing pages and printer pages on Amazon. The website tracks your interests as you search through the stores and make specific purchases. Based on this data and history, the e-commerce store starts showing you other relevant items that might interest you, such as file holders and bookmarks. This way, since these items are an essential part of almost every student’s life, you always end up buying something every time you log into Amazon.

  • Social Media For A College Student

As a student, you find it extremely fun and stress-relieving to have social media in your smartphones. It is full of entertainment opportunities, and you get to distract yourself easily from a load of stress on the calendar. However, it is not hot news anymore that social media is hugely addictive. It forces you to keep checking your feeds every few minutes, scrolling further and further down, falling deeper into the world of entertainment and awareness.

This addiction is what suits the social media algorithm. When a student uses more and more of a platform, such as Instagram or Facebook, the forum notices their interests and “rewards” them with more content they’re likely to be interested in. Plus, social media is now an excellent way to give and receive updates and notifications about various topics. So, when you’re scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, you’re using the most basic form of artificial intelligence.

  • Checking Assignments And Projects

Getting in trouble for an accidentally plagiarized document or spending hours trying to remove grammatical errors (and still somehow fail to make the file completely free of errors) is such a daunting task, and we can all relate to it!

Thankfully, machine learning has made it easier for students to check their work before submitting it. Plagiarism checkers and grammar correcting software make it much more convenient for students and teachers: students can avoid getting in trouble for mistakes. On the other hand, teachers don’t have to spend hours fixing and checking them.

How Students are using digital Assistance:

Digital assistants are the newest form of artificial intelligence, and there is no doubt that this genius technology has a lot of scope in the future. So far, students and teachers are getting the most out of digital assistants, and here’s how:

  • Set reminders and alarms
  • Read audiobooks
  • Play music
  • Get information on important events and people in real-time
  • Translate content into multiple languages
  • Fix and learn pronunciations
  • Gain awareness and education about technology and artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has taken over every student’s life in technology and apps; there is no doubt about that. If used right, students worldwide use it to make their lives easier, get better outcomes, and improve their academic performance.

However, there are a few rather important things that you should never forget when using artificial intelligence. Modern applications and services require access to your mobile phones and gadgets. This permission allows them to unlock and explore through your personal and business life, giving them the authority to access and use your private and valuable information.

If what you keep in your smartphones and other computer gadgets is confidential, make sure you know that you share your data and permit an app to access it when you press that “Allow” button. If this is not a risk you want to take, never go through with it. Having such awareness can protect you from future regrets and possible consequences.

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