Anti Yeast Dog Food Options That your Dog will Love

The ingredients in dog food are bound to affect your dog’s body inside and out. The quality, undoubtedly, affects his digestion, skin, and coat health. Dog food that contains starchy ingredients can cause many recurring issues for your dog. All too often, when people notice that their pooch is constantly scratching his ears, they will assume they need to give their dog something to make the problem go away when in fact, they should be taking something out.

Grain allergies are common in dogs; however, if your dog suffers from skin issues like inflammation, redness, and itching – it’s possible that the starch and not the grains are to blame. The solution is to switch to anti-yeast dog food. Consider making the switch to an anti-yeast diet before giving your dog antibiotics, as they can upset your dog’s internal flora.

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Yeast Infection In Dogs

There are a few signs that point to the fact your dog may struggle with a yeast infection. The most common symptoms include:

1 Scratching the skin – This is typically the first sign, including chewing and biting the skin. Your dog may begin shaking his head to relieve discomfort; it could also indicate your dog has an ear infection. The feet and in between the paws are often affected.

2 Change in skin color – Yeast infections can appear visually, so keep watch of your dog’s coat for any red or pink areas on the skin. The color change can also accompany swelling, which can be hot to the touch.

3 Licking – It’s normal for your dog to begin licking the infected areas as a way of coping with the intense itchiness of the yeast infection. You may also see your dog rub against the wall or scoot along the floor.

4 Hair loss – This is only expected if your dog vigorously scratches himself; this often follows itchiness in the affected area.

5 Odor – Many dog owners who have dealt with a yeast infection have stated a specific scent linked to yeast infections. As the condition worsens, you might notice a different odor to the usual one of your dog.

What Causes Yeast Infections In Dogs?

The majority of a dog’s diet should come from animal protein such as meat, fish, and poultry. Protein is at the core of a healthy diet for dogs; they also require healthy fats for energy. Ingredients high in carbs should be limited for dogs, as it is more difficult for their body to digest than protein.

Starch is one carbohydrates group that causes issues as his body breaks it down and converts it to sugar. Carbohydrates provide your dog with some energy; however, the sugar they produce feeds the yeast present in your dog’s digestive tract. Yeast, in and of itself, isn’t harmful to your dog, problems arise when it proliferates.

As yeast multiplies, it can cause an infection that spreads throughout the body, creating many awful side effects for your dog, including itchy, red, and inflamed skin. These signs should compel you to change your dog’s diet before his symptoms worsen, making your dog unhappy and uncomfortable.

Understanding Anti-Yeast Dog Food

If you are unfamiliar with anti-yeast dog food, it’s natural to assume that it’s dog food without the yeast. However, it is a dog food that’s designed to prevent yeast infections. By now, you realize that yeast infections ensue when the yeast proliferates in your dog’s digestive tract – this is usually the result of feeding a diet containing too much starch. Anti-yeast dog food is dog food containing little to no starch.

Starch functions as a binding agent in dog food, so it can be not easy to find foods without wheat, corn, potatoes, rice, and sweet potatoes. Optimum anti-yeast dog food should be made using natural, wholesome ingredients like healthy animal-based fats, lean proteins, and low-starch veggies.

Diet Is Essential In Treating Yeast Infections

By now, you should realize that carbohydrates offer nothing of nutritional value to dogs; all it does is provide sugar to yeast cells. Consider getting rid of doggie treats as they are laced with sugar. Dry kibble contains mostly cereal and is entirely unnecessary for your dog; remove dry food, along with very sweet fruit and pasta.

You need to starve the yeast infection of starch, and in time, the lack of starch will result in the yeast starving to death. Diet not only treats yeast infections but also repairs your dog’s immune system. Around 80% of your dog’s immune system is found in the gut, and any imbalance to your dog’s digestive tract is bound to harm his immunity.

It’s essential to understand what yeast-free dog food should be so that you can begin shopping.

Consider the crucial components of anti-yeast dog food, you want the best, and this includes:

-Wholesome and natural ingredients

-Dietary fiber

-Natural animal-based fats

-Low starch veggies

-Natural source of antioxidants

-Digestive enzymes and probiotics

-No starchy grains like rice, wheat, and corn

-No sugar

-No high fructose corn syrup

-No starch vegetables like peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes

-No highly processed ingredients

List Of Anti Yeast Dog Food Options

Life is busy, and you may or may not be in a hurry. Nevertheless, we have done some research for you. Consider our top 5 choices, and let’s look at a list of anti yeast dog food options:


TruDog Rawgo’s beef and carrot recipe are made of high-quality ingredients, and it should help your companion fight all kinds of yeast infections. Be aware that some dogs mightn’t appreciate the texture of this food.


Pet Plate, Lip Licking Lamb recipe contains all the ingredients and supplements to treat yeast infections. This recipe is ideal for restoring healthy gut bacteria and putting an end to yeast infections. The only criticism is that the fiber content could be higher.


Wysong Epigen 90 Natural Food For Dogs And Cats is both grain and starch-free, a complete winner in fighting yeast infections. It contains high protein animal ingredients and superfoods to boot nutrition. On the downside, it’s costly and not suitable for all dogs; you are advised first to contact your vet.


Farmina is an Italian company with an excellent reputation. This lamb and blueberry formula doesn’t contain grains, soy, and potato; it contains superfoods like spinach and pumpkin rich in antioxidants.


Earthborn Holistic Venture Dry Dog Food is unlike other dry dog foods. It’s free from potatoes and grains. It has few ingredients, yet it’s enhanced with probiotics to support good gut health. This food is also highly ideal for dogs with allergies as it doesn’t contain dairy, eggs, and grains.

In Conclusion

As a loving dog owner, you will naturally want what’s best for your four-legged friend. Achieving the best sometimes means changing your dog’s diet to an anti-yeast diet. This type of specialized food is more expensive than generic dog food, but it’s more cost-effective in the long run.

Yeast infections can be a battle, and once the condition worsens, you are looking at paying hefty vet bills and medications. Don’t expect all yeast infections to disappear quickly after a diet change; some infections never go; however, an anti-yeast diet significantly reduces the number of infections.

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