Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Step by Step Guide to Success

If you are interested in making an extra income then you may have heard that making online money is easy, however, this is no more than a disrespectful lie that is only made for gurus that want to scam you, for that reason, you will learn the truth on how to make TRUE online money with this step by step affiliate marketing guide for complete beginners that don’t even know what affiliated marketing means, so stay on your toes and let’s begin with the basics.

The purpose of this guide will be to learn everything required to build you a proper website or blog where you can apply the methods of affiliated marketing, at the end of the guide you will be someone completely know who will be more than capable to build its proper online source of income, with that being said, let’s start this passionate journey.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Step by Step Guide to Success.

Starting with the Basics: General Knowledge.

First, to learn how to build your own affiliate marketing income you need to know what is this all about, right? Well, affiliate marketing basically is the method in which you will be making publicity or reviews to a certain product that you may have or not tested physically or digitally but in fact, you know a lot of things about its functionality and wants to share it with the ones that are following your blog or website content every single day, but how do you get these products? Well, you don’t “get” this product, in fact, what you need is an affiliated link where people will click on it and they will get redirected to a store where they can buy that product with your link.

The specialty of affiliate marketing is built around the affiliated links because when someone makes a purchase wit your link, at the end of the month (or in certain days) you will receive a determined percentage of the cost of that product since you technically are the one who sold the product, now you may think that only a percentage is not good enough to make some profit, however, that percentage is per individual, so if you make 100 hundred sales the income will be very tasty.

Starting with the Basics: Deeper Knowledge. (Entre Institute)

It’s impossible to cover every single of the basics in an article because it will be too long, however, if you want to learn everything about how to start your affiliate marketing business today, I’ll recommend you to start with the Entre Institute training, in which you will be able to get the deep knowledge of everything related to affiliate marketing such as digital strategies, how to build and expand your business, and even the personality that you should have as an owner fo an affiliate marketing business! Check below the link to join now.

This program that is led by the CEO of the Entre Institute Jeff Lerner, someone who is recognized for being the tutor of multiple individuals that were capable fo making millions of dollars in their business, and also this CEO is a very capable entrepreneur that did a lot of good negotiations in the past and now wants to share his knowledge with you, check out the program right now!

Step #1: Time to Decide a General Niche.

The first step is one of the most difficult ones because you will be dealing with hundreds of niches, however, your decision can’t be a blind one because you need to look for a niche that doesn’t have lots of competence and also that is related to your general taste and more importantly, that you like to work with it, this is not something to work a minute and magic will occur, nope, you need to put some effort and dedication to making everything look good and make sales, so get a good niche that is expandable, profitable and also that counts with good products on affiliate marketing programs.

Step #2: Look for Options for Affiliate Marketing Programs in Online Stores.

After selecting your niche, dedicate some hours to investigate some options for your future business, look for the best Affiliate Marketing programs and search for the available products, commissions per sale, the stability of the website, credibility of the program, and reviews to see that everything is in order, remember that when it comes to making income or money you need to be cautious on some things like the previous ones that were mentioned recently.

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs we know that Amazon’s one is the best that exists, however, this will depend on your niche and if your niche doesn’t cover too much on Amazon’s products or if the commissions are not made for your taste, then you should look to other options like BestBuy or any other, not so worldwide online stores but they count with affiliate programs so they can be a good find, in this step JUST look for options, don’t make a solicitude to join the program yet, we need to work on some things first, so let’s not waste more time.

Step #3: Let’s Build a Blog or Website (Read Step #3.5 if Looking for Other Options)

The most popular forms where you can start making a good affiliate marketing business are by making a website o a blog where you can write reviews or articles about the determined product that you want to sell via your affiliate marketing link, however, you need to know two things beforehand, the first one is that there are lots of blogs and you need to write good content to catch the interested of the users and build good traffic and secondly, you will need to learn some further things like SEO in the future if you want to expand your business to another level.

Building a blog or a website in this days is pretty easy since there are some tools like WordPress to Wix that are pretty useful for this matter, however, you need to learn something that most courses don’t tell you, and is that you will need a Domain to rule and post your website or blog in the intent, a domain is basically the URL that will maintain your creation stable and online every single time that someone wants to get access to the content, s you need to make an investment in your business, but don’t worry, you will recover financially for this since is not a lot of money that we are talking.

Step #3.5: Using Youtube or Social Media for Affiliate Marketing.

Another good idea is to make a Youtube channel where you will post a nice amount of daily content making reviews about the product that you want to sell and with that, you just need to redirect them to the description of the video where the affiliate link will be displayed, however, this option is a solid one but it will require some gear or equipment like a good microphone, camera in case that you want to add your face or any physical explanation with any objects, and a good device to edit the video like a tablet, laptop or PC, so while this is recommended it can very expensive to start if you don’t count with the proper equipment.

On the other hand, if we are talking about budget-friendly opportunities then why not use Social Media to your advantage. There are some of them like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram where you can pretty much add a post where you can review your product and add your affiliate link, however,t his will need a good practice in the future of Social Media Marketing and also how to win the upper hand against the competence, but everything to avoid wasting any money on an investment, right? Consistency is what matters though, so you will need to prepare daily content to be well prepared against other rivals on your niche.

Step #4: Joining the Affiliate Program that you Selected Before and Final Recommendations.

The final step for you will be joining the selected affiliate program, however, the reason why you didn’t do it before is that these programs require a probe that in fact, you are someone that wants to make good use of the special links, for that reason, you will probably require a proof like a blog, website or anything where you can start your affiliate marketing business to show them hat you in fact are willing to join the program above anyone else. After some wait, the results will come in, and if you got accepted congrats, the journey just became, now you just need to post daily content without forgetting about he affiliated link at the end of the article to start making some profit.

As a final recommendation, get some prior knowledge on SEO and Social Media Marketing to be able to expand your business in the future, don’t leave everything to the final da where competence already took the best of you, learn good things that could be useful for your affiliate marketing business, and also, upgrade your website or blog with some good templates and themes as well as using every single one of the platforms like Youtube, Social Media, and your blog when you can afford to hire a team that could take control on every single of that options, the sources of income will be greatest of course but first stay with what you learned in this guide so far, stay safe and good luck!

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