About Us

We are an e-commerce jewelry store based on the US that offers any type of jewelry piece you can imagine, from classic and elegant to innovative and modern accessories. Our mission is for the jewel to evoke happiness to the buyer or the receiver, so they can feel the joy through it. We were born in order to take a leap in quality.

We are a company that has grown together with our community and our clients. We want them to feel that we are their go-to place when they need a gift for someone else or a treat for themselves. Our collection varies from bracelets, necklaces and rings, most of them handcrafted, for people who believe in crystal healing and stones protection. It is our mission at the end of the day to safe the planet, that is why the creation of our pieces is made with conscience and care.

We believe in reiki, a pseudo therapy that ensure relief from many diseases by transmitting energy through the hands. All of our pieces block negativity, ward off evil and encourage optimistic attitudes, as well as happiness and luck.

Our symbolic evil eye pendant attracts good vibes and provides protection.

Our black obsidian protective necklace has healing properties.

Our black tourmaline amulet necklace balances the chakras.

Our eye of Horus protection pendant is an amulet that weakens the devil.

From the beginning of our activities, all of our pieces have been created with a moment in mind, from the perfect rings for a wedding, a bracelet for a birthday party, to a necklace for any especial moment. When it is time to create new accessories, the first thought that occupies our minds is the client, what would our customer like to own.

Since the company was born, we have made it our mission to earn the confidence of our clients by meeting their expectations, quality and service-wise. As our clients’ prime source for jewelry, we promise to offer you the best value for money. We will not make anyone waste their time, as we have a wide selection of fashion forward designs that fit any and all kind of lifestyle. Over the years we have incorporated new products with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs, as well as to expand our catalog and, thus, offering consumers more choices in which to feel identified.

Our main priority is to achieve a permanent improvement in out activities in order to provide a service that ensure a timely and proper delivery with its corresponding advice, consumer service and subsequent after-sales service. We like to think we do not sell jewelry, but happiness. Our main objective we try everyday to achieve is satisfying our clients because without them we would not be were we are, and because we owe it all to them, we are always pushing ourselves harder in order to provide a wider catalogue with the best quality of the market.

We are passionate about creating jewelry with a meaning, one that tells stories and is able to connect with oneself and our natural environment. We believe in the power of accessories that are born being loved and in the capacity we, as a community, have to create a more human world through our work, that is why all our pieces are made from protective stones and crystal healing.

We believe in support to achieve professional and personal goals, therefore we work in a space in which we do not compete, but share. We like to feel as if we are students and teachers at the same time because we are always learning from one another. We would not succeed if we were not a team.

We deem important to point out that out services are strengthened by having a permanent stock of the main products of our website. We count with an excellent human team group which is permanently trained in order to attend any doubts or question the client may have.

We believe in expressing feeling through jewelry accessories, because what better way is there to tell someone you care for them but with a necklace that holds both of you initials on it? Or maybe a bracelet with stones the same color as their eyes? We can offer you infinite possibilities.

Telling someone you love them has never been more easy.

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