8 Best Car Dash Cam Brands in the United States

The market is currently flooded with a whole lot of brands for car security systems. Thus, with so much availability and no prior knowledge about the brands, you might get yourself a wrong item from the wrong brand. Car dash cam systems are no different as there are significant chances that you can get your hands on a generic item without getting much quality and device longevity.

We’re here to provide you with a list of best car dash cam brands for superior security and top of the line features.

1. Garmin

Not only the popular American brand Garmin has some of the most high-end action cameras and gps systems but it has also been there since a long time as a manufacturer of car navigational systems. Thus, they’ve got their own range of feature rich dash cams. Compared to other dash cams available in the market Garmin makes such as the 65W or 65 offers far wider viewing angle with support for HD video at 1080p and 180 degree lens angle. It provides full view in car front side.

Garmin dash cams are available with GPS systems that automatically save location and time in any accident or crash scenario. The feature comes handy while dealing with insurance companies after you’ve met with an incident on road.

Garmin has a lot of feature rich car dash cams that enhance your car’s safety, but to get highly enhanced viewing and security features you can go with their renowned dash cam 65 with built-in Wifi letting you connect the iOS or Android tablet or smartphone directly in Dash Cam 65.

2. Ventrue dash cams

The American company Vantrue produces dash cams that are well known for their high quality performance and exceptional built with front facing cameras. The cameras from Vantrue were popularly known as Uber Dash Cams and Rideshare dash cams. With Vantrue cameras you capture 1080p HD video through image sensor Omnivision OV4689. This is ideal to capture 170 degree view with the total front view.

While you’re not nearby your vehicle, you get the feature parking mode that uses impact detection and motion for activating recording 24/7.

3. Blackvue

Since 2015, the American brand Z-edge has brought some of the most innovative dash cams for cars. They’ve taken the dashboard cam technology to another level with their Full-HD revolutionary 1 and 2 channel cameras. With Z-edge cameras you get most usability after connecting car dashcams to smart devices through cloud based services and Wi-Fi.

Their go to budget dash cam is the Z3 3”with ambarella chip, parking monitor, WDR night vision and various other features. Although this isn’t their newest model for car camera, we still think it is worth the value. It works with 1080p video and has been voted as best dash cam of 2016 by Wirecutter.

4. YI

The U.S. based car dash cam brand YI has gained a lot of popularity in the dash cam industry due their stealthy and robust HD car dash cams that come under a budget. Anyone who is looking to buy HD dash cams on a budget can definitely consider from product range of YI. Similarly to various other camera models, the YI Smart Dash Cam features all black design, with full HD video output and has a maximum storage capacity of 64gb.


The U.S, based brand Thinkware is all about smart solutions for dash cams. Thinkware is among the topmost picks for 4k car dash cams in 2020. The high end dash cam is available with a range of features that everyone loves to have for their car cam such as 4k video, good parking mode options, cloud services, smart phone app.

The U1000 is the pick that you can have for your car and “Real” 4k video would mean that the camera has 8MP+ image sensor and also records in actual 4k, not only upsizing video file after it has been shot 4k. Main U1000 front cam uses Sony Exmor R Start. The parking mode feature can integrate APP and cloud to dash cam enabling you for remotely monitor the car 24/7.

6. Wheelwitness

The wheelwitness has established itself as a well-known brand for manufacturing high end dash cams and focuses a lot more on quality compared to quantity. Their HD PRO is wedge shaped all black car cam with adhesive pad and gets mounted up behind rear view mirror making it a lot more stealthier and less visible than other car dash cams that easily hang down and make use of bright colors.

With the GPS enabled you can easily keep track of vehicles in and the route and identify places with the recording. The HD PRO weighs only 5 ounces. With Wheelwitness you get 1 year labor and parts warranty.

7. Nextbase Dash Cams

The Nextbase in U.S. is all about innovative next generation of car dash cams making it easy for the driver to adjust the settings according to his/her preferences. A few features from the top of the line devices from Nextbase are GPS, Alexa, emergency SOS, and many other features as well under a budget.

The 522GW from Nextbase is a great dash cam you can consider for your car. It features 140 degree viewing angle, integrated GPS to get accurate location, speed data and direction, and Amazon Alexa as well. If you’re higher on budget you can step up with the 622GW with their 4k car dash cam without hardwired dashboard in the vehicle. Also there is added safety feature of What3Words support which has proven a lifesaver in emergencies.

8. Pruveoo

Pruveoo is a U.S. based brand and has a reputation for building high-res camera with integrated features for vehicle safety. If you’re looking for quality 4k cameras with wide viewing angle, you can choose from Pruveoo car dash cams.

The F5 from Pruveeo is meant for you and it shoots in 1440p high-quality with highly advanced night vision and a lot of safety features. Some unique features that you get with the F5 are 140 degree view, loop recording mode, fulHD recording download over Wifi and many other features.

All these dashcams from the best car dash cam brands in U.S. are perfect replacement for factory fitted dash cams. Most of these fit well against the windscreen and provide clear view. Whether you want entry level make or something advanced, you can get these in diverse range.

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