6 common plumbing problems which only a HDB plumber can fix

Many people in Singapore are living in the affordable flats constructed by the Housing Development Board (HDB). If there is any problem in the plumbing of the flat, it is very inconvenient for the individual or family living in the flat. The plumbing problems are usually related to either water supply to the flat or drainage system. Some of these problems are minor problems like clogged drains which a family member can unclog using a plunger or a chemical solution. In other cases it may be necessary to call a HDB plumber to fix the problem at the earliest.

One of the most severe problems faced is when there is no water supply in the house at all. In most cases, the problem is faced by everyone in the area, all the people living in the HDB building . So in this case, it is advisable to first contact the people in the vicinity to find out if they are also facing the same problem. If all people in the area are not getting water, there could be a problem with the main municipality water supply like the main water supply pipe is damaged. In these cases calling a plumber will not help, the home owner and his family only has to be patient and wait till the water supply is restored.

However, there are other cases, where the family living in a HDB flat with a plumbing problem should contact a HDB licensed plumber at the earliest. Though there are cheaper plumbers available, it is advisable to hire the services of a licensed plumber only because the customers can be assured of the quality of the service. Also if there is any problem with the plumbing at a later date, it is easier to hold the plumber accountable, since the license number is provided. Some of the most frequent plumbing problems for which a HDB plumber will be required are listed below

No hot water

Most people like to take bath in hot water which helps in removing dirt better. However, in some cases, they will find that there is no hot water at all. This could be because the geyser/water heater is malfunctioning. In some cases, there is no power supply to the geyser, and the light on the geyser is not lighting despite the geyser being switched on. In other cases, there could be an internal problem, like the water supply may be cut off, or the heating coil is damaged. The geyser is fairly complex, so it is usually very difficult to trace the problem for a person with no experience. Only an experienced plumber will diagnose the problem correctly.

Water heater leak

In other cases, there is some water leaking from the water heater due to cracks in the piping or connection of the water heater. Usually only a small amount of water will leak initially, which is not easily noticed, yet over a period of time, the problem will worsen.This is likely to result in rusting or stains on the walls of the bathroom and will also damage the wall. Since the water heater is a complex electromechanical device consuming more electricity it is advisable to contact a plumber at the earliest since he has the expertise and tools to fix the problem properly.

Clogged drain

Each HDB flat has washbasins, kitchen sink and bathroom drains. In some cases, the drains may get clogged, because family members are dumping too much waste in the drains instead of disposing it properly in the dustbin. In other cases, hair from washing and other grime may clog the drain. Most people try to unclog the drain themselves initially when they notice that the water is not draining away quickly. They are usually unable to unclog when a large item has accidentally fall into drain, or a lot of debris has accumulated. In this case, it is better to hire a professional plumber with special cameras and other tools for checking and clearing the drains quickly.

Clogged toilet bowl

There are many reasons why a toilet bowl can become clogged, ranging from flushing too much toilet paper in the toilet to a problem with the sewerage system for the entire building. In some cases, a plunger or chemical cleaning solution may be able to fix the problem. However in other cases, the toilet bowl may be damaged after being used for a very long time. The licensed plumber should be able to diagnose the cause of the problem. In some cases, the HDB toilet bowl replacement may be a long term solution, instead of calling a plumber repeatedly for repairs.

Leaking faucets

Though most people ignore a leaking faucet initially, it can cause wastage of a large amount of water, and increase in water bills.The leakage can also damage the faucet over a period of time, and in some cases, also the sound of dripping water makes it difficult to sleep. If the family member has some experience, they can replace the rubber washer or using plumbing tape to try to fix the problem. If this will not stop the water leakage it better to find a suitable HDB plumber service to fix the leaking faucet. In some homes ceramic faucets are installed and if there is any problem, a plumber should be contacted at the earliest.

Leaking pipes

The HDB water pipe leak may be due to cracks or holes in the pipe. In some cases, the amount of water will be less, and the walls may appear damp, while in other cases, a water pool may be visible. Home owners should immediately take action when a leaking pipe is detected, because it can aggravate quickly and cause flooding which could damage the furniture, appliances and other parts of the house. A competent HDB plumber should be contacted so that he will inspect the piping using the diagnostic equipment, to detect where exactly the pipe is damaged and the extent of the damage. In some cases, repair material is used to fix the cracks or holes, while in other cases, a section of the pipe may have to be replaced.

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