5 Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair to Make Your Car a Hair-Free Zone

5 Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair to Make Your Car a Hair-Free Zone

As any dog parent knows, dog hair can get everywhere. From our clothes to our furniture, dog hair sticks to everything. You may be wondering how to keep your car seats clean and free from your furry friend’s hair. Here we have some different tips on how to keep your car seats clean.

How can I protect my car seats from dog hair?

One of the most popular and effective ways to keep your car seats clean and dog hair free is to use a seat cover. Seat covers come in many different colors to compliment any car interior and have different additional qualities that may be useful for you, such as waterproof material, machine washable, or ones with seat belt openings.

If you are craftsy, you can make your own car seat cover. To make a car seat cover, you will need fabric (cotton, twills, or woven fabric are the best options), a sewing machine, and lots of patience. You will need about one and a half yards of your chosen fabric per car seat. You can find patterns online or use an old, cut up seat cover as your guide.

For the rest of us, it is easier to just buy a seat cover. Store bought seat covers also have some added benefits, like the fabric that is used to make the seat covers. If you buy a seat cover, it would have been designed specifically for your needs. The material will be strong and durable, which is important when you have dogs who love to dig everywhere they go. They may also be waterproof and come in different styles that would be the best fit for your dog.

When looking for a car seat cover for your dog, there are a few things that you should keep an eye out for:

– Correct size and fit for your car seats

For car seat covers, it is not one size fits all. Before picking out your seat cover, be sure to measure the seats that you are planning to cover (like the entire back seat). Seat covers designed for small, compact cars would not be the best option for a big SUV and vice versa. It is important to make sure that your cover is the right size to ensure that your dog is safe while using it.

– Waterproof covers

If possible, it is best to find a seat cover that is waterproof. Even the most well trained dogs sometimes have accidents, and some dogs have a tendency to get car sick. Also, sometimes wet, muddy dogs happen, and a waterproof seat cover is a million times easier to clean.

– Scratch resistant

The material should be scratch resistant so that your dog’s paws do not scratch it and tear it within the first hour of using it.

– Durable material

Look for a seat cover made from durable material so that your dog cannot tear or chew it apart. A durable seat cover will also last for years to come and be a better investment.

– Tools to help it stay in place

Your seat cover should have things like adjustable straps, hooks, and a non-slip bottom, so that the seat cover will stay safely in place.

– Seat belt openings

Most seat covers have small openings that allow the car’s seat belts to still be used. This is very important for safety.

– Hammock style

If you are interested, there are hammock style seat covers, which provide even more protection for your car seats and also make sure your dog stays safely where they are supposed to be when the car is moving.

Before you put your car seat covers in your car, make sure you clean the seats well, and allow them time to fully dry, if necessary.

Best Seat Covers for Dogs

There are so many options out there for seat covers for your dog that it can be hard to choose. Here are our five top picks on the best of the best.

1. Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers (Best Jeep seat covers for dog hair)

What makes this cover so special is that is offers full car protection. On top of protecting the seats, the doors and headrests are also protected against dog hair. You can select between beige and black for the color of your seat cover and it also comes in two sizes- standard and extra-large.

This cover was designed specifically for dogs and was made with high quality, durable fabric. This cover is also fully waterproof and has a non-slip layer to ensure that the cover stays in its place.

With this car seat cover, you are also able to adjust it to your needs. The middle zipper can be adjusted so that your dog and your kids can share the backseat together. You can turn this cover into a full hammock, a semi hammock (half of the cover is a hammock for your dog and the other half a non-hammock for your kids), or a non-hammock.

This cover is easy to install and comes with additional safety measures like seat anchors, hooks, and openings for seat belts. It is also machine washable, making cleaning so easy.

2. Meadowlark Car Front Seat Cover (Best front seat cover for dog hair)

If you are looking for a cover for your front seat, then Meadowlark’s Front Seat Cover may be just what you are looking for. This can also be used to cover a bucket seat in a minivan or similar vehicle.

This front seat cover is made with four layers of durable protection. The first lawyer is a waterproof PVC layer which makes cleanup of this cover a breeze. The next two layers made of polypropylene and polyester for extra comfort and protection. The bottom layer is made of a non-slip rubber that will make sure that the cover stays in place at all times.

For minor messes, you can wipe the cover down, or remove it and hose it down or put it in the washing machine. If you decide to put this cover in the washer, make sure to wash it on cold and make sure it air dries.

You can choose to get this cover in black or beige.

A small or medium dog should always sit in the back seat of the car for their safety.

3. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock (Best seat hammock style, back seat cover for dog hair)

Hammock style seat covers are great for both us and our dogs. A hammock allows dogs to lie down and relax in the car and also prevents them from falling off the seat or trying to climb into the front seat.

This hammock is waterproof and has a non-slip layer on the bottom to make sure your pet stays safely in place. All three seatbelts can also be accessed with this cover.

If your hammock cover gets dirty, you can throw it in the wash to make it look brand new, but the material also makes it possible for you to wipe it down with a damp towel.

The hammock can come in regular or extra-large sizes, and you can select from tan, black, grey, or camo.

4Knines specializes in making car seat covers for your dog and are known for their high quality craftsmanship and how easy it is to clean and maintain their covers.

4. 4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock (Best waterproof seat covers for dog hair)

Also from the brand 4Knines, this rear bench seat cover is the best waterproof seat cover for dogs. This cover is made with a special solid waterproof layer that makes the seat completely waterproof. This cover can be used as a hammock or just as a seat covering. When not in use, the hammock easily stows away.

This seat cover is also designed with a unique and patented process that allows for full access to all of the seat belts in the back row, as well as the middle seat armrest. Since this cover is waterproof, messes can be wiped up easily, but this cover is also machine washable on the gentle cycle.

This cover can be purchased in black, camo, grey, and tan.

5. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers (Best seat covers for dog hair with a mesh window)

This cover can fit in most cars, SUVs, and trucks, and will repel against hair, scratches, dirt, and liquid. What makes this cover so special is that there is a mesh window. Unlike other hammocks where it is solid material, this cover’s mesh window allows AC to flow straight from the front of the car to where the dog is. This window also allows your dog to be able to clearly see you throughout the car ride. This is a great feature especially if you have a dog who is prone to anxiety.

This cover is made with all environmentally friendly materials, so it is odor free. It is also waterproof and has durable stitched seams which can stand up against dog claws.

This hammock is easy to install and can be machine washed. You can get this hammock in blue, grey, or brown.

Are neoprene seat covers good for dog hair?

Neoprene seat covers are very durable. Your dog will likely not be able to scratch or put a hole in a neoprene cover. These covers are fairly easy to clean, and a lot of messes can be wiped up with a small towel.

Another great thing about neoprene covers is that they are waterproof. Any spilled liquids or accidents will repel off the cover and make for an easy cleanup. Also, these seat coverings do not get hot in the sun (as opposed to leather on a hot day- ow!).

Additionally, neoprene seat covers are breathable and comfortable for your dog.

A seat cover made up of a polyester and cotton blend (poly-cotton) are also durable, breathable, and soft. Clean up is a little different because instead of just being able to wipe away messes, you will have to take the seat cover off and put it in the wash.

Will Scotchgard repel dog hair?

Scotchgard is mainly used for water resistant protection and will not repel against dog hair. If you are worried about bathroom stains or wet dog stains from your pet, Scotchgard will be beneficial. But not so much on repelling dog hair.

Instead, try to pick a fabric that will better repel dog hair. When searching for the right fabric, look for a material that is tightly woven and is not textured. A fabric that is loosely woven or has textures will trap dog hair in them and make it hard to remove.

Some of the best fabric options for repelling dog hair are:

– Microsuede

o This material is soft, breathable, stain proof, and easy to care for

– Leather

o Pet hair will not stick to leather and it can be easily wiped down and cleaned

– Moleskin

o This is a tightly woven cotton fabric and is also very durable

– Microfiber

o This is a synthetic fiber that repels pet hair better than most natural fibers

– Denim

o To an extent, denim can repel some dog hair

– Linen

o This is very tightly woven, making it hard for pet hair to cling to it

– 100% Cotton

o The higher the thread count, the tighter it is woven, and the more it will repel dog hair

How do you put on a dog seat cover?

1. Vacuum the car seat to remove any dust, debris, or pet hair.

2. Go through the seat with a wet/dry vacuum to thoroughly clean out the seat. You want your car seat to be as clean as possible before trying to put the seat cover on it.

3. Let the car seat air dry completely. If possible, leave the car doors open to help it air dry.

4. Use a lint roller or a rubber pet hair removal brush to remove any remaining pet hair.

5. Read the seat cover manufacturer’s instructions and follow their guide on how to put your specific seat cover in your car.

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