2022 Genesis eG80 found at testing

When it comes to Genesis it seems that the future is in the world of electrics, or so it seems to be the case once you take a look at their newest model. The Genesis G80 EV or EG80 depending on your source might be an electrical vehicle, but once you see it in action you’ll look at electric vehicles in a new light.

A familiar design

Once you first take a look at the EG80 the first thing that will come to mind is that it looks like the traditional non-electric model already in the Genesis line-up, and for design enthusiasts this is a great thing. Of course with this do come some small differences like the closed-off grill which confirm it’s status as an electrical car. And the different design of the front and rear bumpers which have some key differences at play. Lastly you should probably overlook the roll cage as it’s there for the purposes of testing first and foremost.

The EG80 in action

Thankfully for all of you who want to take a look at the EG80 in action we have secured footage from it’s test laps, which you can see by clicking here.

For an electric vehicle it’s test laps are honestly impressive and while the luxury sedan is far from a race vehicle it’s speeds are great for the range and particularly for an electric model. So both looks and function are something this car has aced.

General features

Since the EG80 is still veiled in a lot of secrecy we can’t off you all the fine details when it comes to it, but below we’ll list some of the information that has come up regarding this unique car.

  • The EG80 is expected to have a 310-mile driving range through it’s battery pack.
  • The model is rumoured to count with level 3 autonomous driving technology courtesy of Hyundai and Samsung
  • The expected release date is late 2021, when it will debut as a 2022 model

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