19 Insane gaming desk accessories that will change your life

The world of gaming and everything around it is constantly being updated, and all kinds of gaming desk accessories are coming to market to make the gaming experience as exciting as possible. Playing on a desktop PC has been done since forever, however, it used to be simpler, from gameplay to game graphics, and that’s why there weren’t as many accessories as there are now.

At present, the gaming for pc this in its better moment, and it is expected that it continues having exponential growth, and for that reason, we can accessories for all types of games. With the competitiveness that there is in the gaming world, one accessory can make the difference between winning or losing, for example, a gaming mouse with high DPI is vital for a shooter game, and if you want to improve in your favorite games it is important to have these gaming desk accessories now and not wait any longer to start taking your skills to the next level. Below, we will mention the 19 gaming desk accessories that will change your life:

1. Air Purifier- BluePure 211

As a gamer, it is normal to spend many hours playing in your room, and therefore it is important to have an air purifier to ensure that the air is clean and avoid having respiratory problems. The Air Purifier BluePure 211 is the ideal choice, it can purify a 540 square foot space in just 10 minutes. It is simple to operate and does not require much maintenance. Plus, it consumes very little energy and makes no annoying noise while it’s on.

2. Gaming Mouse- GT Racing gaming mouse RGB for PC

One of the most important gaming desk accessories for any gamer is a high-quality gaming mouse. For all kinds of games, it is vital to have a good gaming mouse, especially if you are a fan of shooter games. This gaming mouse has an incredible 7200 DPI and seven programmable buttons. Besides, it has a very comfortable ergonomic design that will allow you to play for several hours at a time.

3. External Battery Pack- Bonai 5.6A 4 port battery

It is always good to have an external battery pack to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, and other devices safely, as it has a smart system that protects the devices you are charging from being damaged by an overload or short circuit. Besides, this external battery pack Bonai 5.6A 4 port battery also has a flashlight in case you need it.

4. Headset Stand – Gaming Gear Headphone stand

A headset stand is fundamental to keep our gaming desk organized. It also helps us to lengthen the life of our headphones, since with this GTRacing Headset Stand we will avoid damaging the headphones by having them thrown around the desk, and without realizing it, they will fall on the floor or something will happen to them. Another feature of the Gaming Gear Headphone stand is that it is made of aluminum so it is very resistant, its attractive design will give a unique style to your gaming desk.

5. Mousepad- GTRacing Computer devices /mouse pad red

Just as a gaming mouse is very important, so is the mousepad. Having a large mouse pad with a smooth surface that allows you to move your mouse easily will help you improve your performance in any game. This GTRacing gaming mouse pad is of high quality, made with resistant materials, and properly processed to be durable. Also, the base is non-slip, so the mouse pad will not move when you move the mouse. And if you ever spill a drink on the mouse pad, you can clean it up and it won’t lose its quality.

6. Controller- YS07 Transparent wireless game controller

There are several types of PC games that are better enjoyed by playing them with a game controller than with the keyboard, for example, racing games like Formula One, Need for speed, among others. The YS07 Transparent wireless game controller is one of the best gaming desk accessories that we can get. It is compatible with Windows, and the fully charged battery can last up to five hours, however, it can be used while charging. The YS07 Transparent wireless game controller has an ergonomic design for comfortable gaming.

7. Gaming Keyboard- GK81 mechanical keyboard wireless

Another gaming desk accessory that is fundamental is the gaming keyboard. The GK81 mechanical keyboard wireless is amazing, it has 18 types of light effects that you can adjust to your liking. The keys are very comfortable, so you can spend several hours playing and you’ll feel your hands as if you’ve only played a few minutes. It is made of aluminum alloy, which ensures that you will have an excellent gaming keyboard for a long time.

8. Speakers- AmazonBasics AC 2.1 Bluetooth speaker

This is an excellent 2.1 sound system, and sound is a key element in enjoying the gaming experience to the fullest. With this Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy clear audio of good quality, the two horns along with the bass create a perfect atmosphere to enjoy in your room or office. And Amazon backs this product with an incredible one-year total warranty.

9. Gaming Monitor- Super curved frameless QHD 2K

No gaming computer is complete without a good gaming monitor, and the Super curved frameless QHD 2K is one of the best on the market in terms of quality and price. It is a 27-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440 and a 144 Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync and an incredible response time of 1 ms. Without a doubt, this gaming monitor is an excellent option to enjoy all your games to the fullest.

10. Gaming Laptop- Razer Blade 15 Advanced gaming laptop

Razer is known worldwide for creating the best peripherals and laptop gamers. The Razer Blade 15 Advanced gaming laptop is amazing. It has one of the most powerful processors on the market, a 10th generation Intel Core i7 with eight cores and 16 wires at 2.3 GHz/ 5.1 GHz. Thanks to its incredible NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, 16 GB RAM you can play any game you want with maximum graphics.

11. Lighting – LED strip lights

There is nothing more attractive to decorate your desk and your room than with LED strip lights. You can choose from over 20 colors and adjust the brightness level to your taste. And the LED strip lights are adhesive and you can place them around your desk, TV, cabinets, etc. If you want to give a gamer style to your room, this is an ideal option and at a good price.

12. Amazon Echo- Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can be controlled by voice. This is one of the coolest gaming desk accessories you can play your favorite music just by asking Alexa. In fact, you can synchronize the Echo Dot with other smart devices you have and control them through the Echo Dot with your voice. Thanks to its design it will give you great sound in your room and enjoy good music while you play.

13. Standing desk- Vivo black 36-inch height adjustable

If you need to organize your desk and sometimes you need to use your computer standing up, the perfect solution is the Standing desk Vivo black 36-inch height adjustable. With this standing desk, you can keep your computer organized, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc, in one piece that you can adjust the height as you need. Besides, it is made of sturdy black metal, which can support up to 33 lbs on the desk and four lbs for the keyboard.

14. Headrest- GTRacing Headrest/Lumbar/Pillow

One of the essential elements for any gamer is a Headrest/Lumbar/Pillow. Comfort is an important factor to consider and to be able to enjoy your game sessions with total comfort it is good to have a headrest/lumbar/pillow. The design is very attractive and is made of resistant and comfortable materials.

15. Cable Management – Cable management box- black edition by Tokke XXl Value

We all know that accommodating so many cables on the desk can be a difficult task and can also make our desk look messy. For this, the best solution is the Cable management box- black edition by Tokke XXl Value. It is an elegant and practical way to organize cables easily. This edition comes with a stylish wire box, one cable sleeve, four cable clips, and six cable ties.

16. Webcam- 1080P Business webcam by Nexigo

If you like to stream while you play, you need a high-quality webcam like the 1080P Business webcam by Nexigo. This webcam has a built-in microphone with external noise cancellation, which is ideal for live broadcasts. It also has an excellent resolution of 1080p at 30 fps and has an automatic color balance to always provide a sharp image.

17. Footrest- Adjustable footrest by Huanuo

Comfort is a key element that should not be overlooked, and a footrest can make a difference. This Adjustable footrest by Huanuo will help you play more comfortable, as you will have your feet relaxed all the time. In fact, you can massage your feet with the texture of the rollers, and you can adjust the height in three sizes: 3.9″, 5.3″, and 6.5″. It is made with high-quality materials that are very durable and also has an excellent five-year warranty.

18. Dual Monitor Stand – HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand – Height Adjustable Monitor 13-32 inch flat

If you need two monitors and don’t have enough space on your desk, a good solution is a Dual Monitor Stand. This HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand can accommodate monitors up to 32″ and 19.8 pounds. Besides, you can adjust the height and position of each monitor separately, and they can be mounted easily, in just 10 minutes, and the cables are included inside the structure to hide them, so the desk will be tidy and practical at your disposal.

19. Docking Station- Pluggable USB 3.0

An ideal option to keep all your peripherals and monitors connected with just one cable in an easy and organized way is with a Docking Station Pluggable USB 3.0. It has 11 connectivity ports, including two monitor ports, six USB ports, one headphone port, one microphone port, and one Gigabit Ethernet port. Also, it comes with a full two-year warranty. Its design is practical to give you more comfort to connect all your peripherals.

To enjoy your favorite games to the fullest it is important to have these 19 gaming desk accessories so you can live the whole gaming experience like a true professional.

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