Are you sick and tired of cutting your hands while fishing? Do you wish there was an easier way to handle fish? Then you’re going to love our innovative new product at Pax River Products! We’re your #1 source for high-quality fishing gear on the internet. Not only that, but we’ve created two truly innovative products for fishermen! They’re our Fishoff Gloves! They protect your hands from cuts while making it easier to handle fish.

Now you can finally fish in peace without having to worry about cutting yourself! It’s also twice as easy to handle fish in our gloves. No more flopping around fumbling with your fresh catch! They come in two convenient sizes that will fit all types of hands. We use premium materials to construct our gloves to ensure their quality.

If you’re an avid fisherman, then you owe it to yourself to get some of our gloves! We can save the poor skin on your hands from too much wear and tear. With our gloves, nothing will stand in your way of catching the big one! Our rubber latex coating will ensure that you’re able to handle any fish with ease. What’s not to love about that?

There’s an overview of what Fishoff Gloves are all about. Now that you know what our gloves can do, what are your thoughts? Are you looking for superior fishing gloves to use? Would you love to go fishing without cutting your hands at all? Great! Then you’re going to love our gloves, so don’t wait to order a pair today!

About Us

Pax River Products got started in 2005 as an online supplier of fishing gear. Our team consists of expert fishermen and engineers. Since we fish ourselves, we know what fishermen are looking for in their gear. Namely, comfort, convenience, and ease of use! A lot can happen out on the water, so fishermen need gear they can rely on.

Our innovative Fishoff Gloves are our main featured product. We spent many years designing our prototypes to perfection. Now our gloves are here and they are truly spectacular. They will keep your hands totally dry and free from cuts, and they make handling fish a breeze. We manufacture them with premium-grade cotton, latex, and other materials.

They’re also very easy to use. Unlike bulkier fish gloves, these allow you to retain full mobility in your hands. You won’t have any trouble fishing as you normally would if you didn’t have gloves.

This website is online 24/7, so feel free to browse our gear whenever you have the time. We provide shipping to the following areas in the United States:


-New Hampshire


-Rhode Island


-New York

-New Jersey




-North Carolina

-South Carolina



Don’t wait to order your very own pair of Fishoff Gloves today if you fish often! Our products will save your hands a ton of cuts, bruises, and general wear and tear. To get in touch with us, you can email us any questions or comments to us at fishoff3@verizon.net.


Are you looking to keep your hands dry while fishing? Then you need to order our amazing Fishoff Gloves! They’re cotton gloves with a rubber latex coating. They will fully protect your hands from cuts, bites, water, and more. Not only that, but you can retain full mobility in them. That means that you won’t have any problems fishing like normal. The only difference will be your hands will stay totally safe the whole time!

Our Fishoff Gloves will:

-Protect your hands from cuts, burns, and other abrasions

-Keep your hands water-free

-Make fish twice as easy to handle

-Keep your hands comfortable while fishing

-Much more!

We feature two sizes that comfortably fit all types of hands. The fit is snug and will lay right over your fingers. You almost will feel like you’re not wearing any gloves at all. This makes it easy to fish like normal without worrying about bulky gloves getting in the way.

We’ve all been there, you reel a big one in only for it to slip out of your hands. Well, our gloves effectively put an end to that forever! They feature a unique rubber-latex coating. This creates grip and friction so that fish won’t slip out! What’s not to love about that? Don’t wait to order your pair of Fishoff Gloves today! If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can email us at fishoff3@verizon.net with any questions. You can also give us a call at (301) 775-5956.

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