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Scrubs don’t have to be boring. When you’re wearing a stylish and chic piece of clothing, not only will you look good, but you’ll bring smiles to your patients. Manifest With Style specializes in scrubs for doctors and nurses but with a twist. Our scrubs are made with a unique “story to tell,” uplifting, not just the patients, but also the medical practitioner wearing them.

Being a nurse, I understand the struggles and hardships medical practitioners have. We feel sad when our patients deteriorate, or when we can’t do anything to give them relief or the good news they’re waiting for. In such circumstances, all we can offer is our prayer and comfort. And sometimes, when we don’t have the words to do so, we are left with nothing to give our patients.

That is why Manifest With Style exists. When we can’t find the words to ease our patients, our scrubs will. With uplifting messages, we can give them a little faith and hope, without uttering a word. And when we’re wearing something positive, it also uplifts us, giving us encouragement with our work, and lifting us up in times of sadness and uncertainty.

Manifest With Style is more than just a place where you can find the cutest scrubs in the market, but we also sell other products that will make you more confident and give you empowerment. We are also a blog where we talk about the stresses of being a nurse, doctor, or medical practitioner, and how we can relieve this stress so we can perform our jobs better.

About Us

Hi and welcome to Manifest With Style. We are a company that produces and sells scrub apparel for doctors and nurses. Our goal is to provide uplifting clothing for medical practitioners, but also put a smile in our patients’ faces.

Our scrubs are unique in a way because they “tell a story.” We put uplifting messages on our scrubs, lifting the spirits of our medical practitioners but also the patients. We want our clothing to speak for ourselves. When we want to provide positivity and hope in healthcare, the smallest details matter. And what better way to provide this than with the clothes you wear on your back when you meet and treat patients.

We use the highest quality materials and the best construction on our scrubs. They have been made with dressmakers who love their job, and designers who want to empower and encourage positivity. We want to make sure our apparel and products provide happiness, faith, and hope for both our doctors and nurses, as well as make your patients happy when they see their carers wearing something that’s out of the ordinary.

We also wanted to create a site where you don’t just come and buy something from us. We also wanted to be a resource where you can find information and advice on how to reduce stress in your life, both in the medical field and the home. We understand that your job as a medical practitioner can be physically and emotionally draining, and thus, you will find invaluable information and insights on our blog.

If you would like to reach out to us, please give us a call at 850-390-9905, or you may also send us an email at prosper@manifestwithstyle.net. You may also find us at 4311 Bayou Boulevard, Pensacola, 32503, Florida.


Manifest With Style specialises in scrubs for men and women, for doctors and nurses. We create high-quality scrubs made from the finest cottons and sewn by expert dressmakers who love their job. We also have them designed by passionate and dedicated designers whose mission is to bring hope and positivity to the very people who wear the scrubs.

Our scrubs are unique because they “tell a story.” We place uplifting messages on each of our scrubs, reminding those who wear it that their jobs, their roles, and their significance in the workplace is above and beyond. They work to serve others and that in itself is heroic and selfless. Doctors and nurses deserve to start their day with positivity and an uplifted spirit because they work not just to serve themselves, but to serve the needs of others.

This is what drives us to create and continue making the cutest and coolest scrubs you can find. We not only make them for nurses and doctors, but we make them so your patients smile when they see their medical caregivers.

Manifest With Style also offers the following products:

-Women’s clothing

-Flip flops


-Beauty products like eyelashes and extensions


-You will also find a blog in this site, where we talk about how to deal with stress and cope with the issues of working as a medical practitioner. We understand your struggles and challenges, both physically and emotionally, and we are here to provide a resource where we talk about how you can help yourself.

Manifest With Style is for doctors, nurses, and those who work in the medical field who need a little encouragement, and a whole lot of style.

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