Do you want to stay safe on your motorcycle? Then you need to take our research surveys at Shiny Side Up! We do research on motorcycle accidents and other risky activities. Currently, there’s no other research out there for these types of accidents. Our goal is to form new policies and standards for motorcycle training, licensing, and safety. With your help, we can make motorcycles safer than ever.

Our surveys are in-depth, but they’re easy to complete. If you know a motorcycle group, we’d love for you to take our surveys. Every question has been carefully formulated by experts. That way your answers can aid us in crucial safety research. We’re developing new products and standards to make your favorite hobbies even safer.

In addition to motorcycles, we’re also doing research into other high-risk activities. These include skydiving, rock climbing, hiking, and extreme sports. As before, our goal is to improve the safety and training for all these activities. You see, our founder lost their son in a motorcycling accident. A group leader took a rookie into the mountains, something he never should have done. Now we’re here to ensure motorcycle groups everywhere have proper training, safety, and licensing in place.

So that’s an overview of what we do here at Shiny Side Up. Now that you know what we’re all about, what do you think? Has anything that you’ve read so far caught your attention? Are you looking for ways to make motorcycles safer? Great! Then you’re a perfect fit for what we do here, and you should take our survey today.

About Us

We’re a 5013c research organization all about making extreme activities safer. Our founder lost their son due to a tragic motorcycle accident. A motorcycling group had taken him, a rookie, into the woods. As you can imagine, he wasn’t used to such dangerous terrain and suffered a terrible crash. Tragedies like this are even worse due to the fact that they’re completely avoidable.

Now we’re here at Shiny Side Up to do much-needed research into motorcycle accidents and safety. We’ve put together extensive surveys for motorcycle group leaders to take. It will assess their licensing, safety, and training capabilities. Their answers will help us provide safety research into motorcycles and other extreme sports.

We do research on motorcycle accidents, sky diving, hiking, skateboarding, and more. Our ultimate goal is to make all these activities safer and under tighter control. Motorcycle groups need tight training and licensing in place in order to keep new members safe. That’s why we’re here doing the important work that we do every single day.

We’re a nonprofit, so consider donating to our cause if you agree with our work! We make strides in motorcycle safety every single day, and we’ll put your dollars to good use. We’re international, so you can donate no matter where you live. No other organization is doing this important research. With your help, we can make motorcycles and other extreme activities safer. To get in touch with us, you can send us an email at lila.oconnor@gmail.com.


Do you want to improve your motorcycle group’s licensing, safety, and training? Then you need to donate to us at Shiny Side Up! We’re a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to improving the safety and training of motorcycles and extreme sports. We do critical research that nobody else is doing right now. Our team has put together some extensive surveys for motorcycle group leaders to take. It will assess their safety and training capabilities in great detail. That way we can put together new policies and safety procedures!

We also study rock climbing, hiking, biking, skateboarding, and more. If you agree with our research, you should consider donating to our cause. Every penny goes towards making motorcycles and other activities safer.

Our essential services include:

-Motorcycle training

-Motorcycle safety

-Motorcycle licensing

-In-depth surveys for motorcycle group leaders

-Surveys for extreme sports and activities

-Critical research on accidents to find ways to prevent them

-Research on new safety devices and procedures

-Much more!

As you can see, our team does a lot of great work in this field. If you want to make motorcycles safer, don’t wait to donate to us! To get in touch, you can either email us at lila.oconnor@gmail.com or call us at (678) 656-2445.

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