Do you want to help to empower marginalized communities abroad? Then you need to consider donating to us at Passion of Hope International. We work to set up sustainable communities in underprivileged areas. We do so through agriculture, education, healthcare, and access to clean water. We believe that land resources, no matter how dysfunctional, can sustain communities. The trick is to proportion the size of the community to the number of available resources.

We also invest heavily in education and encourage the locals to invest in themselves. That way they have a systemic pathway out of poverty. It’s about pooling spending power together in order to make a real impact.

Our team also works hard to breathe life back into the agriculture sectors. You see, more and more young individuals are seeking better lives in the city. This is leading to a real shortage of skilled agricultural workers.

With your help, we can drastically improve the conditions in these communities. The best thing about our organization is that we aim to set up sustainable communities. That means that they will be able to thrive without our assistance in a few short years. We’re simply the spark to set things off. If you agree with our mission, please consider donating to us!

So that’s a rundown of the major services that we provide. Now that you’ve got to know us a little better, what are your thoughts? Would you love to help improve environmental sustainability for the rest of the world? Great! Feel free to read on to learn more about our organization and what we do.

About Us

Our nonprofit, Passion of Hope International, began in 2019 as a nonprofit focusing on setting up sustainable communities. Right now, we’re currently active in Kenya and are accepting donations nationwide. Our mission is to empower the marginalized communities of the world. Rather than keep them dependent on our help, we aim to build them into something sustainable. That way they can thrive on their own into the foreseeable future.

Sustainability is our main goal. That’s why we work hard to set up communities proportionate to the number of land resources available. If the resources are too crippled or dysfunctional, we’ll go about repairing them. We also focus on education and training the public. That way they can start businesses and farms of their own to bring in income.

We provide agriculture, education, healthcare, and access to clean water. There’s no reason why all areas of the world can’t thrive. All these communities need are a few sparks to set off their true potential. We’re here to help them burn as brightly as they can!

We accept donations nationwide throughout the United States. You can find us at 30 W. 35th Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST. Feel free to donate to us if you agree with the work that we’re doing! Even the smallest donation does a lot to help out our cause. To get in touch with us, feel free to email us with any questions or comments at admin@passionofhope.org.

What We Do

At Passion of Hope International, we want the entire world to thrive. That’s why we aim to set up sustainable communities nationwide. We’re currently active in Kenya and are eager to expand our reach as soon as we can. Our main goal is to set up a community that sustains itself well into the future without any assistance. That’s why we focus heavily on agriculture, education, healthcare, clean water, and more.

We believe that land resources are the key to success. It’s all about proportioning community size to the number of available land resources. That way everyone has enough to stay healthy. We also focus on educating the public so that they can start farms, businesses, and more. Our essential services include:

-Setting up agriculture

-Providing education and job training


-Access to clean food and water

-Proportioning community size to the number of available land resources

-Much more!

If you’d like to help out struggling communities in Kenya, please consider donating to us. Also, tell your friends about us if you think they’re interested in helping out. To get in touch with us, you can either email us at admin@passionofhope.org or call us at (410) 365-5846.

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