13 Great Post Leg Day Stretches

If you seriously want to develop your functional strength by building your muscles and reduce the risk of injury then you will have to work on your legs. You can promote the mobility and stability of your weak joints by building muscles around them and developing hamstrings by doing lunges, dead-lifts, and squats. But after a leg day, it becomes necessary to do some stretches to avoid soreness in your muscles. So after finishing your leg workouts you should some or all of the post leg day stretches discussed here under.

Downward Dog

When you make an upside-down V shape by a rise from your feet and hands then it is known as Downward Dog stretch. Breathe five times in this pose.

Extended Wide Squat

In this stretch pose, you will have to stand up with your feet a bit extensive than your hips and move down your hips towards the ground by bending your knees. You can put a rolled towel or mat below your heels if they do not touch the ground in sitting position. Now bring your both palms at the center and push your elbows firmly against inside your knees to open up your hips. Breathe five times before you free your hands and increase the stretch on your hips by taking them aside of your feet. Now breathe five times again.

Low Crescent Lunge

To amplify the hips’ stretch, take a low lunge keeping your right knee forward and inhale, and while sinking your pelvis to the floor raise your arms upwards. However, if you are not comfortable in this pose then you can rest your hands on your hips. Breathe for 5 times before repeating with the left knee.

Tip-Toe 3-Legged Dog

This stretch is a step forward to the downward dog. In this stretch, you will have to join their big toes. Now rise on the left toes and raise the right leg p in the air. Breathe for 5 times before repeating with the left leg.

Lifted Head to Knee

Straighten your right leg in front of your while kneeling on the ground. Stretch over your extended leg by bending forward and take deep breaths for five times.

Open Lizard

Keeping your right knee forward come into a pose of lunge and put your hands under your shoulders on the floor while lowering your left knee. Now move your right knee slowly down towards the right so that you can rest on the right bent foot. To intensify the stretch you can press your chest forward while keeping your arms straight. Before repeating on the other side breathe 5 times.

Head to Knee

Keep your legs before you while sitting with a tall spine on the floor. Now drag the sole of the left foot against the inner right thigh by bending the left knee. Now load your torso on your right thigh to reach your right foot with both of your hands. But if you cannot touch your foot then instead of rounding your back you can put your hands on your knee or shin. Breathe for 5 times before repeating on the other side after comforting your shoulders.

Double Pigeon

Straight out your legs in front of you while sitting on the floor. Now keeping your left knee, shin, and foot parallel to your pelvis bend it. Similarly, bend your right knee and stack right ankle over the left ankle. In this way, you will be making a little triangle from your legs.

If your upper knee is towards the ceiling then it can be due to tightness on your hips. You should relax and breathe in this pose. To increase stretch you can put your hands ahead of your shins and fold your chest towards your legs to move your hands forward as far as you can. Switch the legs with your left knee on the top after breathing for 5 times in the previous pose.


Bend your knees with your feet jointly while sitting on the ground. Open up your feet similar to a book by using your hands. Now push your knees towards the floor by using the muscles of your legs. Draw in the button on your belly with your spine straight. Gaze at your feet or in front with relaxed shoulders. Fold slowly forward to draw your torso towards your legs with your spine upright, after taking 5 breaths. Press your knees with your arms and hands resting on your feet. You can increase the stretch by extending your arms in your front. Breathe for 5 times.

Seated Forward Bend

Keep your legs upright in front of you while sitting on the ground with an elongated spine. Now lower your torso towards thigh while hinging slowly on your hips. To feel stretch on your hamstrings and back fold forward as much as you can with your spine straight. If you are not comfortable then it is not necessary to fold your body completely. Take five breaths deeply.

Side Lunge

Stand up with your feet nearly four feet away from each other. Now come into a little lunge on the side by bending your right leg. Fold your torso on your left leg or keep it between your legs. Before shifting to the left side, breathe for 5 times.

Reclining Big Toe Pose

Lie down on your back and slightly bend your knees with your foot planted on the ground. Now, keeping your pelvis on the ground, raise your left leg in the air. Relax your torso and hold your lower thigh. Breathe for 5 times before repeating on the right side.

Happy Baby

Lie down horizontal on your back and grip the outer edges of your feet with your hands after bending both the knees. Now on the outer sides of your legs keep your arms. Now press both of your knees equally towards the ground under your armpits by using the strength of your upper body. You should keep everything comfortable including your chest and shoulders. Breathe deeply in this pose for 5 times.

Thus, the post leg day stretches discussed in this write-up can help you in relaxing your muscles and joints.

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