10 Different Kinds of Sandwich Meats

The concept of having various ingredients between two or more bread slices have been among the favored options for lunch. A necessity of all sandwiches is the protein which is available through the meat wrapped deliciously in fresh vegetables between slices of bread. Here, we help you in the meat selection process by introducing 10 different kinds of sandwich meat that are most commonly used.

1. Turkey

This is among the best available options meant for weight and health conscious people. Besides being a delicious meal, you can get different varieties more than 90 percent free of fat. The turkey breast is cooked slowly in oven and the storage is possible in fridge in airtight container or pack. Team it with rocket leaves, cucumber for lunch delight.

2. Ham

Generally of pig, the meat is sliced from hind leg or thigh. The juicer varieties get cured with help of sugar and salt solution prior to slow roasting. Because of moisture presence, it is vital to use within three purchase days. The meat blends beautifully with all cheese and vegetable salad, mainly with goat’s milk.

3. Chorizo

The famous meat filling chorizo is cured Spanish sausage which is made through garlic, pork, smoked paprika, black pepper, providing it with red color. The meat is available with firm texture and strong flavor. The meat can be consumed raw as well but it tastes a lot better when cooked. It can be shopped from the deli counter mainly in packets kept in chilled section.

Tips for using: Chopping and slicing chorizo and then serving it as starter or cold, or pan-fry and enjoy it as tapas-style dish. You can add it to breads, omelets, pasta dishes, casseroles and soups.

Storage method: The meat can be kept in an airtight container inside fridge for more than five days. Follow use-by data once opened, for pre-packaged chorizo and consume it before five days.

4. Prosciutto

The meat filling prosciutto is quite similar to pancetta, but it has less fat and is available from pork leg. After it gets salted, the ham is left for aging in cold climate for around nine to 18 months and also sometimes for around three years. In Italy, prosciutto is known as prosciutto crudo, meaning “raw ham”. Shaved or sliced prosciutto can be availed from chilled counter.

Usage tips: The meat prosciutto is best when uncooked. You can arrange slices over cooked pizza, or it can be wrapped around wedges or rockmelon as part of antipasto platter.

Storing: It’s best to store prosciutto in airtight container in fridge for more than two days.

5. Pepperoni

Pepperoni has been a favorite meat topping on Pizza and is spicy flavored cured sausage which is made from beef or pork, or it is combination of both the meats, with added spices along with pepper. The packaged pepperoni sausages can be available through deli section.

Usage tips: You can slice pepperoni thinly and use it as topping for the bought pizza bases or can chop finely then later pan-fry for adding to pies, frittatas and pastas.

Storage method: Pepperoni can be wrapped in plastic wrap and be refrigerated for more than two weeks.

6. Mortadella

Mortadella is a certain type of cooked salami and largest of all sausages. This is made through minced pork mixture, peppercorns, olives, pork fat and pistachios. Traditionally, mortadella can be cut in paper-thin slices and can be enjoyed in antipasto platter. Shaved plain or sliced, green olive, pepper and mortadella can be availed from deli counter.

Usage tips: The lean cut can be enjoyed by own, or you can eat it wrapped around grissini or on crusty bread slice.

Storage: Keep it inside an airtight container and it can be stored inside fridge for more than two days.

7. Salami

The sandwich meat salami is cured sausage made through pork, veal or beef flavored with various spices and herbs and garlic. Raw sausage goes through different stages of salting, drying and smoking and fermentation, for becoming hard sausage.

The meat got its name from Italian word sale, meaning salt, but cured sausages have been relished all across Europe.

Usage tip: The meat salami is mostly added as pizza toppings, pastas, canapés, and sandwiches.

Storage method: You need to place it in airtight container and then store in fridge for more than two days.

8. Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is a 100 percent breast meat which is roasted in oven. The meat is 07 fat free and has lesser fat content compared to other sandwich meats. The meat is a perfect health addition for lunch boxes. Shaved or sliced turkey breast can be available from deli counter.

Using tips: You can add shaved and sliced turkey breast to wraps and sandwiches. Alternatively, you can chop or slice the turkey breast and then use in canapés, salads or in pizzas.

Storing: You can place in airtight container and store in fridge for more than two days.

9. Pancetta

The meat is widely consumed across Italy and other parts of the world and is commonly known as the Italian version of bacon. The meat has been dry cured in spices and salt like nutmeg, fennel and pepper, and is left for aging for more than three months. You can find sliced pancetta at deli counter mostly in packets weighing 100gm from chilled section.

Usage tip: It’s best to coarsely chop pancetta and then add it to casseroles, soups, homemade pasta sauces. Also you can use this wherever you would use bacon normally.

How you’re able to store: It’s best to store the meat in fridge. Once you’ve opened the meat you can consume it before four days.

10. Beef Pastrami

Beef pastrami is prepared through covering corned beef through spices and pepper then smoking it for adding extra flavor. The word pastrami is from Yiddish language and it reached in US in late 19th century when the Jewish people migrate from Eastern Europe. Now this is a renowned sandwich meat, mainly in New York where you can see it getting served on the rye bread. You can pick up the meat from deli counter.

Usage tip: It can be added to wraps and sandwiches and pastrami, or slice and use it in salads, canapés, or as a topping on pizza.

Storing: Place this in airtight container and store it inside fridge for more than two days.

These are the ten best deli meats that you can have for your sandwiches and other dishes and double up the taste.





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